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Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura

About Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is discovered a short ways from Phuket International Airport and presents an intriguing and inspiring goal for individuals, social affairs and families looking for a reasonable way of managing their lifestyle. Prosperity discerning guests break to restoring prosperity programs which edify the body and mind.

Stem Cell Centers highlight a powerful 77-room Pool Wing, serene 37-room Garden Wing, grant winning café, comprehensive health place, a facility run by master specialists and the eminent United World College Thailand International School.

Sports offices incorporate a 50M Olympic pool, a 25M pool, athletic track, present day 900sqm rec centers, indoor and open air tennis courts, Muay Thai preparing ring and a FIFA standard football pitch.

Thanyapura Health elevates an integrative way to deal with a better way of life, assisting visitors with accomplishing compelling and enduring change through care and integrative medication.

Through customized treatment programs, the specialists will direct visitors toward a rejuvenated and better life through supported physical, enthusiastic, and mental changes which incorporate an interesting mix of wellbeing schooling, detox, weight reduction, normal intravenous treatments, against maturing treatments, tweaked sustenance plans, chiropractic, physiotherapy and a different scope of yoga and care reflection classes to advance by and large prosperity for the body, brain and soul.

Why Choose Stem Cell in Phuket Thailand?


Thailand has become popular for its excellent clinical offices and medical services for outsiders. Quite possibly the most famous clinical the travel industry destination on the planet, Thailand’s specialists and medical services offices are known for standout care in surface level, plastic, muscular and heart care medical procedures just as for their weight reduction and heftiness programs, dental consideration and numerous others. There are stem cell treatments available such as:

Facilities at Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura

Make sure to know below facilities that patients can get from Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura:

  • Gym Facilities
  • Fitness Classes
  • Sports Science
  • 5 Spa Therapy Rooms
  • 3 Rehabilitation Studios
  • Yoga Studio
  • Mind Training Studio
  • 6 Consultation Rooms
  • Intravenous Nutraceutical Lounge
  • EKG & Ultrasound Room
  • Aesthetics & Beauty Centre
  • Colon Hydrotherapy Room
  • 2 Holistic Therapy Rooms
  • South East Asia’s Best Sporting Facilities
  • Triathlon
  • Aquatics
  • Live Blood Analysis & Assessment Room
  • 3 Nursing Stations
  • Pharmacy
  • Tennis

Advantages of Using Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura

Here are several benefits you can find from Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura, so that you will feel comfortable feeling that you need:

  • Affordable costs
  • Experienced clinical staff at our Medical Center
  • Friendly English talking staff help
  • We offer exclusive requirement and global quality clinical consideration
  • Our group of doctors comprises of exceptionally prepared experts
  • We utilize present day clinical hardware
  • We offer a customized treatment plan to every one of our patients

Medical Teams at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort in Phuket Thailand


Check below some medical teams at Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura that you can have consultation with:

  • Narinthorn Surasinthorn – Director of Health
  • Sutthi Sawetsutthiphan – Medical Doctor
  • Marcela Margarita Soto Prats – Nutritionist
  • Bochakorn (Maam) Boonserm – Health & Wellness Advisor
  • Kittichai (Tom) Kaewsinsawat – Physiotherapist
  • Thomas Walton – Chriopactor

List of Procedures at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura

Some procedures can be chosen as below in Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura, so that you can get the right treatments available:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Detox and Weight loss,
  • Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Preventative Treatments,
  • Aesthetic & Beauty
  • Nutrition & Performance
  • Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Price Lists for Stem Cell Treatments in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura

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Stem Cell Clinic in Phuket Thailand by Thanyapura

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