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Stem Cell Therapy for Blood Disorder
Stem Cell Therapy for Neurological Disorders
Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

Conditions Treated

Diseases Managed with Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy uses the body’s natural healing abilities to regenerate and repair tissues, offering innovative treatments and promoting recovery for various medical conditions.

Neurological Disorders

Stem cells regenerate neural tissues, aiding in recovery from different conditions

Orthopedic Conditions

Find relief and mobility with stem cell treatment for orthopedic conditions.

Organ Defects

Stem cell treatment holds promise for repairing organ defects through regenerative medicine.



Kobinia Med
Vienna, Austria
Bogota, Colombia
Stem Health in Guadalajara Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
vega stem cell clinic
Bangkok, Thailand
Guadalajara, Mexico
Integra Medical Center Progresso - Omar Gonzalez
Nuevo Progresso, Mexico
Beijing Bioocus International Medical Center in Beijing China
Beijing, China
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Transform lives with advanced stem cell therapy for autism in Austria, offering hope and new possibilities.


Discover how stem cell therapy in Colombia can transform your health and open new doors to wellness!


Relieve knee arthritis pain with advanced stem cell therapy in Mexico and get back to doing what you love!


Experience the healing potential of Stem Cell Therapy in Thailand and rejuvenate your health!

Regenerative Medicines


Stem Cell Therapy
Stem cell therapy is an advanced medical treatment that uses the body's own regenerative cells to repair and heal damaged tissues and organs. It helps by promoting natural healing, reducing inflammation, and improving the function of affected areas, offering hope for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis.
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CAR-T Cell Therapy
CAR-T cell therapy is an innovative cancer treatment that modifies a patient’s own immune cells to better recognize and attack cancer cells. By reprogramming T cells to target specific cancer markers, this therapy enhances the body's natural defense mechanisms, leading to more effective and personalized cancer treatment options.
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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that uses a concentrated dose of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate healing. By injecting PRP into injured or damaged areas, this therapy promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and enhances overall recovery, making it a popular choice for treating sports injuries, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal conditions.
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Exosome Therapy
Exosome therapy is an advanced treatment that utilizes tiny vesicles called exosomes, derived from stem cells, to promote healing and regeneration. These exosomes carry powerful growth factors and signaling molecules that help repair damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, and support overall cellular health. This innovative approach is gaining popularity for its potential to treat a wide range of conditions, including degenerative diseases, injuries, and aging-related issues.
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NK Cell Therapy
Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy is an emerging treatment that utilizes the body's own immune cells, known as natural killer cells, to target and destroy cancer cells. By enhancing the activity and proliferation of NK cells, this therapy boosts the immune system's ability to identify and eliminate cancerous and infected cells, offering a promising and personalized approach to cancer treatment and immune system modulation.
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Thomas William's Journey to Pain-Free Living

Thomas William, a 71-year-old from Lake Country, Canada, battled relentless pain from osteoarthritis caused by years of playing rugby. With limited treatment options and long waiting periods in Canada, Thomas sought relief through stem cell therapy at Progencell Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Despite the $16,826 cost, the promise of alleviating his chronic pain made the decision clear. The caring staff and detailed explanations at Progencell reassured him, and the therapy gradually reduced his pain, allowing him to reclaim his mobility and enjoy life again.

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