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Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico at MexStemCells Clinic

MexStemCells Clinic is a gathering of medical specialists in Cell Regeneration Therapy utilizing Stem Cells. For over 10 years the clinic’s group, has investigated and refined their Cell Regeneration and Regenerative medication treatments for remedial purposes.

MexStemCell giving the best Stem Cell Therapy for cutting edge treatments of kidney disappointment, joint inflammation, multiple sclerosis, COPD, mental imbalance, and so on in Mexico City, Mexico

Large number of patients have observed help with MexStemCells Clinic’s high level cell therapy, which offered them a genuine solution for medical conditions which didn’t respond to traditional procedures or medication: multiple sclerosis, diabetes, joint pain, kidney disappointment and some more.

MexStemCells Clinic is affirmed for stem cell treatment by the Ministry of Health in Mexico for the Treatment of Chronic Degenerative Disorders through Stem Cell Therapy and the clinic’s specialists are guaranteed for stem cell transplantation. Each case is assessed by the clinic’s specialists to decide whether the patient is a possibility for treatment.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico by MexStemCells Clinic

MexStemCells is master in Stem Cell Regeneration and has an encounter of over 10 years. It is a confirmed clinic by the Ministry of Health in Mexico for the Treatment of Chronic Degenerative Disorders through Stem Cell Therapy. They have the best financing options for patients with the goal that everyone can profit the treatment. It gives the best offices like:

  • Operating Rooms
  • Infusion Room for Application of Intravenous Therapy
  • Dressing
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Rehabilitation

The center offers effective stem cell treatment along with:

  • Safety and effectiveness
  • High-quality services
  • Professionalism
  • Highly trained medical team
  • Innovative medical procedures

List of Treatments by MexStemCells Clinic in Mexico City, Mexico

MexStemCell Treatment and Procedures

Check underneath for more information about rundown of procedures accessible at Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico:

1. Articular diseases

2. Heart Conditions


4. Neurodegenerative conditions

5. Chronic degenerative diseases

6. Immunological conditions

7. Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Facial

8. Pervasive developmental disorders in children and Autism

9. Strokes: Ischemic stroke or vascular

10. Facial rejuvenation

11. Improving the overall functioning of the body

MexStemCells Clinic PriceList

Procedure Cost
Autism $6500
Multiple Sclerosis $6500
Cerebral Palsy $6500
ALS/MND $6500
Stroke $6500
Parkinson’s Disease $6500
Alzheimer’s Disease $6500
Crohn’s Disease $6500
Osteoarthritis $6500
Rheumatoid Arthrities $6500
Sports/Knee Injury $5000
Liver Damage $6500
Diabetes $6500
Kidney Disorder $6500
COPD/Lung Diseases $6500
Anti Aging $5500
Cancer $8900
Orthopedics $5000

Medical Team at MexStemCells Clinic

MexStem Cell medical team

Specialists at MexStemCells Clinic are associated with the advancement and new disclosures behind grown-up stem cell research. The committed group of specialists gives the most extreme consideration to the patients by appropriately diagnosing the underline condition and endorses the most appropriate stem cell treatment to them. Specialists working for the improvement of MexStemCells clinic have taken great steps in utilizing stem cells to treat some convoluted illnesses lately. This is the justification individuals’ developing confidence in the clinical offices they offer for a total fix.

Doctor at MexStemCells Clinic

  • Dr.Nayeli Trejo Bahena – Rehabilitation and Traumatology  
  • Dr.Edgar Enrique Ramos Diaz – Masters Degree in General Surgery and Transplants 
  • Dr.Rodolfo Lerma – Internist Cardiologist  
  • Dr.Juan Uriarte – Hematologist and High Speciality on Hematopoietic cell transplantation  
  • Javier Sanchez Gonzalez – Masters Degree and Doctorate on Cellular Biology 

Certifications and Acreditations: 

  • Stem Cell Transplant – 14-TR-09-016-0004  Cofepris Mexico  5th June 2014 
  • Ambulatory Surgical Procedures – 13-AM-09-016-0009 Cofepris Mexico 16th July 2013 
  • Bood Transfusion Service – 14-TS-09-016-0007  Cofepris Mexico 12th March 2014 

Awards of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico at MexStemCells Clinic

Awards of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico at MexStemCells Clinic

Before and After Picture of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico at MexStemCells Clinic

Here you can track down more information about before and after image of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico at MexStemCells Clinic:


Stem Cell Therapy Patient Testimonials at MexStemCells Clinic in Mexico City, Mexico

Veronica Garcia M – “I’m content with the outcome and my kidney result and recuperation got!”

Familia De Claudio – “We began stem cell with incredible demeanor and expectation. Presently, my child can take part intuitively in music.”

Christina Obregon – “I need to discuss benefits I got from Stem Cell therapy and how it completely changes me. I generally disliked joint and it is exceptionally agonizing. The outcome I got was extraordinary!”

Why Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico?

Why choose mexico for stem cell therapy

Mexico has immediately developed into a presumed clinical the travel industry center point, not just for superior grade and moderate dental treatment yet in addition for inventive medicines and strategies like Stem Cell. The long stretches of examination in this field have shown their outcomes, and presently the confirmed clinics and experts can assist with peopling experiencing constant illnesses return to a healthy and glad life. A huge number of patients go through stem cell medicines in Mexico consistently. This gigantically because of the way that Stem Cell examination and practice is in the United States. Stem Cell treatment has acquired prominence as stem cells supplant harmed tissues assist with stroking casualties to recuperate, and recuperates from numerous essential diseases.

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FAQs about Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico

Here you can track down information regarding Frequently Asked Questions for Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico by MexStemCells:

Why Many Patients Choose Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico?

Mexico City is a phenomenal spot for medical consideration voyagers as a result of its area, cost and receptiveness. Whether or not you’re a close by or abroad tireless, Mexico City approaches reasonable and reliable medical consideration administrations. The city is unequivocally arranged for geographic closeness with vicious costs of medications that can be gotten quickly without expanded holding up periods between visits.

What Patients Can Expect for Having Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico?

Stem Cell Therapy can give a huge gathering of benefits to those with solid issues, torture issues and threatening development also blood related sicknesses. The utilization of stem cells in moves has vexed the fight against harmful development and various infections. Yet again stem Cell therapy could help you with feeling better speedier after a medical procedure since it will restore work into your joints so they at this point not hurt when contacted surprisingly.

Is Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico Safe?

Without a doubt, stem cell therapy is a safeguarded technique. The specialist ought to follow proper procedures to supervise the cells and patients will be assessed for qualification as all people may not qualify now and again established on clinical history or various components that make them unappealing to treat with this treatment decision.

How Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico City, Mexico Provides Improvements for Patients?

The utilization of stem cells in medication has seen a basic rising, with progress rates up to 80%. Stem cell prescriptions are ending up being better known considering the way that they offer a viable way for specialists and patients the equivalent. These regenerative clinical procedures exploit from novel regular parts called “Stem Cell Vaccines” which can be used as options if, despite everything that standard immunizations misfire or aren’t available consistently due their confined store network access.

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