Dr. Omar Gonzalez Integra Medical Center – Stem Cell Clinic in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

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Stem Cell Clinic in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico by Dr. Omar Gonzalez

Stem Cell Clinic in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico by Dr. Omar Gonzalez – Integra Medical Center

Integra Medical Center (IMC), under the expert guidance of Dr. Omar Gonzalez, stands as a beacon of hope and innovation in the realm of medical treatments. Dr. Gonzalez’s specialization in Placenta Cell Therapy, backed by over two decades of research and experience, is at the heart of IMC’s mission. Located in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, this stem cell therapy center provides a unique path to improved health for countless individuals worldwide. For those who have felt let down by conventional medicine, IMC offers a lifeline, delivering therapies and treatments not readily available in the United States. The clinic’s unwavering commitment to individualized care ensures that each patient receives tailored treatment, making it a sanctuary for those seeking alternatives to mainstream medical approaches.

The Distinctive Advantages of Placenta Cell Therapy at IMC by Dr. Omar Gonzalez

Placenta Cell Therapy, a revolutionary form of adult cell therapy, harnesses the potential of placental cells to address a myriad of autoimmune and chronic conditions. Dr. Gonzalez and his team follow stringent international protocols to safely extract placenta cells without harming the mother or child. What sets IMC apart is their unique methodology, employing local anesthesia and making precise, minimally invasive incisions.

The entire procedure takes less than 40 minutes and does not disrupt daily activities. Moreover, IMC sources placental cells from healthy young mothers, subject to rigorous screening, ensuring the highest quality treatment. Dr. Omar Gonzalez’s extensive experience, having performed over 3,000 cell therapy transplants, coupled with his dedication to advancing alternative medicine, makes IMC a trusted destination for those seeking cutting-edge cellular therapies to improve their quality of life.

About Dr. Omar Gonzalez – Regenerative Medicine Specialist in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Doctor Omar Gonzalez in Nuevo Progresso Mexico

Name: Omar D. Gonzalez, M.D.


  • Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (1975-1981)
  • Medical Doctor – License # 859929
  • Hospital de Maestros, Monterrey N.L
  • Social Service (1981-1982)
  • University Hospital “Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez
  • Rotatory Residency (1983-1984)
  • French Superior School of Acupuncture based in Monterrey N. L. and Paris.
  • Former Teacher (1984-1986)
  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • Course in Obesity and Nutrition
  • Course in Anti-aging medicine and Geriatrics
  • Monterrey University
  • Course in Anti-aging Medicine
  • China Traditional Medicine Institute
  • Course of Acupuncture (2000)
  • Speaker in different national symposiums about autoimmune diseases.
  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • Accreditation as a Specialist in Medical Acupuncture


  • Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León (1975-1981)
  • Medical Doctor – License # 859929
  • Mexican Board of Medicine.
  • Certification # 01-01-Tamps – 0658-01
  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • Specialist in Medical Acupuncture / Specialist License # 6025257


  • Mexican Board of Medical Acupuncture – Founding member
  • Monterrey Acupuncture Association – Member
  • Mexico Acupuncture Association


  • Practicing different modalities of Integrative Medicine from Western orthodox medicine and others like Acupuncture; Neural Therapy; Acutome therapy; Laser therapy and Immune
  • Modulating therapy like Term Placenta Cell Therapy since 1991.
  • Developed a unique and proprietary methodology for the treatment of degenerative, chronic and difficult diseases and conditions since 2004.

Available Treatments at Integra Medical Center Dr. Omar Gonzalez, Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Integra Medical Center offers a range of advanced treatments in a welcoming environment, dedicated to improving your health and well-being.

List of Treatments:

  • Neural Therapy: A German therapy that uses Procaine and local anesthetics in acupuncture points.
  • Pharmaco-acupuncture: A unique approach to acupuncture involving the injection of B-complex vitamins and various herbs into acupuncture points.
  • Cell Therapy: A Swiss therapy utilizing cells to address degenerative conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatica.
  • Placenta / Cell Therapy Transplant: A groundbreaking adult cell therapy using placental cells to treat a wide range of conditions, including autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, circulation problems, neurological conditions, and genetic disorders.
  • Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment involving the use of acupuncture points to balance energy (Qi), address the Yin and Yang forces, and manage various health conditions.

Additional Information:

  • Procedure Preparation: Dress comfortably, inform of allergies, have a light meal before the procedure, and avoid extreme exercise.
  • Post-Procedure Care: Expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Keep bandages dry for a week to 10 days. Stitches may need removal after a week to 10 days.
  • Gradual Healing: Cell therapies, growth factors, and cytokines are gradually reabsorbed, leading to shrinking implants and minimal scar tissue.
  • Medication Adjustments: Be prepared to adjust medication doses as the treatment’s positive effects may require changes in insulin, blood pressure medications, and others.
  • Recommended Diet: Follow a healthy, organic, and balanced diet with an emphasis on low trans-fatty acids, low simple sugars, adequate protein, high fiber, and natural juices rich in antioxidants.
  • TFA (Trans-Fatty Acids) Reduction: Reducing TFA intake is recommended, focusing on TFA-free margarine, low-fat dairy, fish consumption, and limiting take-away and cholesterol-rich foods.
  • Travel and Accommodations: Plan your travel to McAllen International Airport, use ground transportation provided, and stay at accommodations like La Sirena Hacienda.
  • Payment: IMC accepts bank cashier’s checks, money transfers, and cash. Consider wiring money to a U.S. account to avoid carrying large sums.
  • Patient History Form: Fill out the Patient History form online or via email.
  • Border Crossing: Expect friendly interactions when crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Keep your passport handy for re-entry to the USA.

Before and After Images:

Before After - Juvederm Volift Application on Nose-Chin-Lips By Dr. Omar Gonzalez at Integra Medical Center in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Before After – Juvederm Volift Application on Nose-Chin-Lips
Before After - Midsize Facelift plus Necktite and Fractional CO2 laser. By Dr. Omar Gonzalez at Integra Medical Center in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Before After – Midsize Facelift plus Necktite and Fractional CO2 Laser
Before After - MiniFaceLift procedure at Integra Medical Center
Before After – MiniFaceLift Procedure
Before After - Nose and Lip Remodeling at Integra Medical Center in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Before After – Nose and Lip Remodeling
Before After - Nose remodeling with Juvederm. By Dr. Omar Gonzalez at Integra Medical Center in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.
Before After – Nose Remodeling
Before After - Tulip Nano Fat Transfer
Before After – Tulip Nano Fat Transfer

Awards and Certificates Received by Dr. Omar Gonzalez in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Dr. Omar Gonzalez, a renowned medical practitioner in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, has earned a distinguished array of awards and certificates in recognition of his unwavering commitment to innovative healthcare practices. With a career spanning decades, Dr. Gonzalez’s contributions have been acknowledged through accolades that reflect his expertise in Placenta Cell Therapy, Neural Therapy, Pharmaco-acupuncture, and other groundbreaking medical treatments.

These awards stand as a testament to his dedication to improving the lives of patients worldwide, and his relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of alternative medicine. Dr. Gonzalez’s impressive collection of honors underscores his status as a trusted and respected figure in the medical community, making him a beacon of hope for those seeking advanced and holistic healthcare solutions.

Omar Gonzalez Awards

Omar Gonzalez Certificate

Certificate Received by Omar Gonzalez

Dr. Omar Gonzalez – Integra Medical Center in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico Real Patient Testimonials

Laura Pino – Multiple Sclerosis

I had the procedure Tuesday, December 6 2011. Immediately there were positive results, I was able to rotate my right ankle (where I hadn’t been able to before). For the first couple days my bladder had worse issues than before, not emptying well. These resolved back to what I was used to in a few days. The next day after the procedure, I had a headache with slight double vision, an MS symptom I had heard of but never had. But then I started to notice that my face, formerly very stiff on the right side, was starting to loosen up. And my hand, which had been very stiff, was loosening. And my walking was a lot better. And I hadn’t had air hunger since the procedure. I could lift my leg higher, and my foot didn’t drop so much. I had commonly choked quite a bit on liquids, it was much better. I was still getting 6 hours of sleep, but I was encouraged. In the first week I had a headache 3 days out of seven, with attendant issues in balance, heavy body, trouble moving with core muscles. But on the other days I could see improvement. It has now been 9 days. No more headaches, I think that was just the new cells settling in. I have many improvements.

  • Better balance, I can stand up without holding onto anything.
  • Even walk by myself without holding on to my husband or a cane for a short distance.
  • Raise my leg enough to get in the truck without moving it with my hands.
  • My circulation seems to be improving, since my foot and leg aren’t getting so cold and discolored.
  • I walk better, without as much of a limp.
  • It’s easier to move in general.
  • No air hunger, or any kind of trouble breathing.
  • The color in my face is better, so much that friends have remarked on it (that’s how I know).
  • I am not in bed all the time but am up and about
  • I got 7 ½ unbroken hours of sleep last night I am excited to see what the future will bring.

Diana – Nephrotic Syndrome

I`m 51 years old. When I was 32 years (1988)old I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome (Glomerulonephrytis Proliferating Type II with a Kidney biopsy). I was loosing a lot of protein in the urine. up to 7,000 mgs of protein in a 24 hrs collection. I was very sick with edema all over my body including my lungs. I took steroid  for years like 100 mgs a day. I suppose to be in dialysis and-or Kidney transplant in 4 or 5 more years and my nephrologist bet that that was happening whether I wanted or not.and whether I would do any therapy or not.

Since  Dr. Omar Gonzalez was a friend of mine, he suggested for me to start with Term Placenta Therapy in 1992. I started to improve gradually, my urine protein started to decline. My doctors in Houston told me to keep doing what I was doing because I was being controlled with just 5 or 10 mgs a day  for years. two years ago I stopped it totally.

My doctors are amazed that my blood tests show that my kidney function  is normal. My protein in urine is  85 mgs in 24 hrs ( normal range up to 150 mgs). I`m so thankful that I decided to do this technique and to my friend Dr. Gonzalez. I can consider my self cured or at least in total remission. No steroids, normal urine protein, no edema, with my own kidneys that work perfectly. I know it is hard to believe but that is what happened.

Wallena R. Haynes

I have always been a fast paced individual with a varied background in management positions.  At the age of 35 I began having seizures. I was referred to several facilities and was examined by numerous physicians and have spent many thousands of dollars trying to find a cause, none has ever been found.  In 1991 I had a stroke that left me quite limited in my mobility and very limited in my speech pattern. I was in this stage for approximately one and half years. I had to leave my position as Manager of a senior retirement resort, a job that I had held for four years.

In 1993 my husband who had sever arthritis and was in extremely poor health, was referred to Dr. Omar Gonzalez for treatment with needles (acupuncture). After  a few treatments for my husband,  Dr. Gonzalez  became interested in my condition and asked to do a Placenta implant to see if  he could improve my condition.  I received my first implant and with-in a few days I was amazed at the improvement in my kidney function, my energy level soared, my speech pattern returned to normal with-in three weeks and with-in five weeks I had full mobility of my limbs.  With-in 6 weeks I went back to work full time at my old job, Manager of the senior resort where we reside.  I was later promoted to Regional Manager and had the responsibility of six Retirement resorts, which required me to be available seven days a week on call twenty four hours a day.

I am seizure free, and was able to reduce my medicine intake in half.  I receive a placenta implant every six to seven months and have acupuncture apx. twice a month for over all health. I am thankful to God for placing Dr. Gonzalez in my life, between the two I have the quality of life that I was meant to have.

Buddy Haynes – Arthritis, Prostrate and Poor Health

I had been treated for severe arthritis, prostrate and poor health for several years.  I was always given strong medication which either gave me little relief and kept my stomach upset.  I was also so tired and lifeless that I could only work for a couple of hours and have to rest and the pain was also a great handicap.  Patients of Dr. Gonzalez referred me to him to see if I could be helped.  I was treated with acupuncture for the arthritis and after three treatment I was able to lift my arms over my head which in its self was a miracle, I had not been able to lift my arm without severe pain in quite a long time.

My skin color was gray and pasty and I had problems with my kidneys.  Dr. Gonzalez counseled with me about the placenta implant procedure, he was confident that it would a very positive effect on my condition.  At this point in my life I had given up on any hope of a miracle that would improve my health and had resigned myself to being and old man in a rocking chair awaiting my expiration.

The day I had my first implant Dr. Gonzalez could have cut my throat and I could have cared less, he asked me if I was practicing relaxation because of my total relaxed attitude.  In less than ten days my kidneys were functioning like my younger days. The gray color disappeared and in its place I once again my skin color was pink and rosy from the improved circulation.   With-in a few weeks my sense of well being returned  to the point my self confident returned and I was able to continue with my earlier activities such as; riding motorcycles, and flight instruction.  The improved texture of my skin hides the fact that I am a very active seventy five year young man.

Needless to say I continue to receive my placenta  implants on a regular basis to maintain the optimum health benefits that are received from this procedure.  The placenta implant actually saved my life and I have recommended this to all of my friends and all that I meet that are in less than desirable health.

Why Choose Nuevo Progresso, Mexico for Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Safe Border Crossing: Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, is renowned as the safest place to cross on the US-Mexico border, offering peace of mind for travelers.
  • Vibrant Pedestrian Walkways: With pedestrian walkways both ways, it provides easy access to the heart of the busiest and most enjoyable shopping destination along the border.
  • Ideal Winter Weather: Experience great winter weather, making it a perfect escape from the cold for tourists and snowbirds.
  • Affordable Pharmaceuticals: Access pharmaceuticals at excellent prices, providing a cost-effective option for medical needs.
  • Expert Medical Care: Benefit from the expertise of local doctors who specialize in keeping you in excellent health.
  • Cultural and Culinary Delights: Enjoy a rich cultural experience with authentic Mexican food, live music, ballet folkloric dance, and street musicians that add to the vibrant atmosphere of Nuevo Progresso.

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