Down Syndrome Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Down Syndrome Stem Cell Treatment

Down Syndrome Stem Cell Treatment

Down Syndrome Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

The genetic disorder called Down Syndrome varies in severity among people who are affected with the condition. It may lead to developmental delays and lifelong intellectual disability. One of the most common genetic chromosomal disorders among children is Down Syndrome that causes learning difficulties. It may also lead to medical abnormalities such as gastrointestinal and heart disorders.

Why is Down Syndrome Caused?

When the abnormal division of cells results in a partial or extra full copy of chromosome 21, the genetic disorder is caused. The physical features and developmental changes are caused by this extra genetic material.

Symptoms of Down Syndrome

There might be severe, moderate and mild developmental and intellectual problems among people suffering from down syndrome. Some might have health issues like serious heart defects while others might be healthy. Some common physical features noticed among people suffering from the Down Syndrome are:

  • Short neck
  • Small head
  • Flattened face
  • Unusual shaped or small ears
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Short hands, feet and fingers
  • Short, broad hands with a single crease in the palm
  • Excessive flexibility, etc.

Stem Cell Treatment for Down Syndrome

Till date, there is no specific treatment that can completely treat down syndrome. However, special education and physiotherapy can only help children suffering from down syndrome to a certain level. Several studies and continuous research on stem cell therapy have raised hope for novel means of treatment. In some cases, don syndrome patients are treated with neural stem cell transplantation therapy. These patients have shown different improvement levels in the following areas:

  • Speech
  • Reaction velocity
  • Intellectual development
  • Muscle strength
  • Gait

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