Eye Disease Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Treatment for Eye Diseases

Stem Cell Treatment for Eye Diseases

Eye Disease Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Several reports and studies are making headlines about the potential of stem cell therapies to treat various health conditions. Some reports also suggest possible benefits of using stem cell therapy for eye diseases. This appears as a great hope for people who have a few options for vision recovery. For example, people who are suffering from different forms of eye diseases such as:

  • Stargardt disease
  • Retinities Pigmentosa or 
  • age-related Mucular Degeneration (AMD), 

might get benefited with stem cell treatments for eye diseases.

Why Stem Cell Therapy can be Effective for Eye Disease Treatments?

For testing cellular therapies, the eye is an ideal system. Human eyes are less likely to reject transplanted cells in comparison to the other body parts. Also, eyes are relatively self-contained area where barriers keep cells migrate to other body parts. Clinicians can watch real-time what is happening when cells are placed and how they are interacting with the eye by using imaging tools. 

Possibilities of Stem Cell Eye Treatment Success 

Several research works led to successful stem cell treatment for eyes. Patients whose outer part of the eye or cornea was affected by diseases or injuries have been treated successfully by stem cell transmission in the corneal limbus, which is the supportive tissue. Even clarity of vision in the cornea has been recovered by many patients using stem cell therapy. For some patients, restoration of vision benefits lasted for more than a decade.

The clinical trials and research of stem cell therapy for eye diseases continues. Researchers are analyzing the development of the retina in various species hoping to gain insight into how is retina formed and how this knowledge can be therapeutically applied.

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