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Bio Science Stem Cell Center in Dubai

Bioscience Institute Stem Cell Center in Dubai UAE

High-Quality Stem Cell Therapy in Dubai UAE

Bioscience Institute is a world class clinic for Stem Cell Therapy in Dubai UAE. You can book your appointment for Regenerative Medicine at PlacidWay. Bioscience Institute Middle East is a clinic and cell factory located in Dubai Healthcare City. The laboratory provides the extraction, expansion, and banking of the Adipose Derived Stem Cell. The clinic also provides stem cell treatments.

The Bioscience Institute Genomics and Clinic is one of the world’s leading regenerative medicine centers. It is based in Europe (Roma, Milano and San Marino) and the Middle East (Dubai). Bioscience offers the most advanced personalized expanded adipose derived stem cell therapies and next generation sequencing genomic tests for solid cancer risk management.

The first-class service in Regenerative Medicine at Bioscience includes cryopreservation, stem cells for personalized anti-aging treatments, aesthetic plastic surgery, hair regeneration and wound care. With some of the most experienced and qualified stem cell practitioners, Bioscience is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge regenerative treatments in Dubai, UAE.

Benefits of Having Regenerative Treatment in Dubai UAE by Bioscience Institute

Below are the advantages of choosing Stem Cell in UAE by Bioscience Institute:

  • The most advanced autologous cell therapies
  • The high level of excellence and includes cell banks, clean rooms and other facilities
  • Bioscience Institute Laboratories are licensed and inspected by the Ministry of Health of UAE and DHCC
  • Bioscience Institute has established a worldwide excellence facility in Dubai in 2014.

List of Regenerative Treatments at Bioscience Institute in Dubai UAE

Here are the available procedures that Bioscience Institute in Dubai offers to their patients:

Stem Cell Banking

  • Umbilical cord blood
  • Cord tissue
  • Adipose tissue
  • Expanded metabolic screening

Prenatal Screening

  • G-TEST

Solid Cancer Prevention

  • HELIXPAN – Solid tumors
  • HELIXGYN – Breast and ovary
  • HELIXCOLON – Colorectal

Hereditary Tumors Check

  • MYCHECK Cancer Male
  • MYCHECK Cancer Female
  • MYCHECK Breast – Breast and ovary
  • MYCHECK Colon

Solid Cancer Diagnosis

  • HELIDX COLON – Colorectal
  • HELIDX BREAST – Breast and ovary
  • HELIDX LUNG – Lung

Cancer Driver Interception

  • CYTOBALANCE – Chronic inflammation
  • MICROBALANCE – Gut microbiome
  • HELIXAFE – Genomic instability
  • IMMUNEBALANCE – Immune system

Food Supplements

  • CYTOBALANCE – Inflammation
  • MICROBALANCE – Gut flora balance
  • HELIXBALANCE – Genomic instability
  • IMMUNOBALANCE – Immune system

Aesthetic Medicine

  • LIPOSKILL – Skin rejuvenation
  • LIPOSKILL PLUS – Scar reduction
  • HAIRSKILL – Hair loss treatment
  • GYNSKILL – Vaginal rejuvenation

Regenerative Medicine

  • ORTHOSKILL – Regenerative orthopedics
  • OVOSKILL – Early menopause
  • ANDROSKILL – Erectile dysfunction
  • AGESKILL – Anti-aging Therapy iV
  • XEROSKILL – Xerostomia Treatment

Body Shaping

  • Face Reshaping
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Buttocks Enhancement
  • Penis Enlargement

What is the Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Dubai UAE at Bioscience Institute?

Stem cell therapy in Dubai is affordable considering the quality of care and professional doctors in Bioscience Institute. Their experienced doctors and scientists are dedicated to providing the best possible results for patients. They offer a variety of stem cell therapies that can be customized to each patient’s needs. Various financing options are also available to make clinic services accessible to everyone. Connect with our Customer Representative now to get an accurate price for stem cell therapy in Dubai UAE:


Qualified Regenerative Medicine Doctors in Dubai UAE at Bioscience

Find below the best Stem Cell Doctors in Dubai credentials at Bioscience Institute:

Doctor Name:

  • Francisco De Melo
  • Roberto Viel
  • Massimo Piracci
  • Maria Kattar
  • Mohamed Ahmed Elsaid

Certifications and Accreditations:

  • UAE MOH approval
  • GMP certificate
  • ISO certificate
  • Dubai Health Authority approval

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