Stem Cell Therapy in UAE

Stem Cell Therapy in UAE- Overview

UAE is where you will find some of the most amazing sights in the world. The country gathers both natural and man-made wonders. UAE’s scenery changes from luxurious palms to mysterious and unearthly golden sands. UAE has established itself as a famous health care destination, with patients coming from all over the world. 

Stem Cell Therapy is quite popular in UAE as the nation has numerous excellent research centers, medical facilities and dedicated medical teams. UAE welcomes a growing number of medical tourists every year and a considerable part of these medical tourists visit for stem cell treatments and regenerative medicines. 



Legal Status of Stem Cell Practice in UAE

Stem cell research and therapy is allowed in the UAE. However, medical travellers are advised search only for certified medical centers that are accredited to perform stem cell treatments by the country’s Ministry of Health.

Who is Traveling to UAE for Stem Cell Therapy?

Most medical tourists come from neighboring Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman, but patients who come from as far as Europe, Asia and America, are attracted by the low prices, highly skilled medical professionals, the inexistent waiting lists and the English speaking staff.

What is the Cost for Stem Cell Therapy in UAE?

The prices of the stem cell therapy packages in UAE are based on several factors such as the patient’s overall health status, the disease being treated and the treatment package’s inclusions.

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