Transforming Lives: Our Journey with Beike Therapy for Tiago’s Cerebral Palsy

Our Journey with Beike: Transforming Tiago’s Life through Alternative Treatments

When it comes to the well-being of our children, my husband and I spare no effort. We are constantly on the lookout for alternative treatments that can improve our son Tiago’s condition, offering him a better quality of life. During our quest, my husband stumbled upon some inspiring YouTube videos showcasing children who had shown remarkable progress after undergoing treatments at Beike. Intrigued and motivated, we decided to explore this option further and embarked on a trip to Thailand in January 2020 to speak with the doctors and team at Beike.

Embracing Beike’s Technology and Tailored Therapies

From our first meeting with the doctors and staff at Beike, we were reassured by their exceptional technology and the meticulous design of Tiago’s therapy schedule, customized to meet his specific needs. Initially, I had concerns about the Hyperbaric chamber as we were unable to take the suction machine inside. However, the team allayed my fears by explaining that we could easily remove Tiago from the chamber in case he required suctioning or experienced any discomfort.

Positive Experiences and Targeted Goals

As we arrived at the hospital with Tiago, we held high hopes for his progress. Our primary expectations were for his vision to improve, allowing him to track objects and respond to light. Additionally, we aimed to address his limited neck mobility and tendency to favor one side. Another crucial goal was to enhance his swallowing abilities, as he required frequent suctioning all day long. Improving his muscle tone and overall relaxation in his posture were also targets we set for Tiago’s treatment.

Dietary Guidance and Therapeutic Meals

On the first day of our stay, we had the pleasure of meeting the dietitian assigned to Tiago’s case. We discussed his iron deficiency, and she provided valuable advice and outlined a dietary plan to help boost his iron levels. The dedicated staff at Beike prepared fresh meals daily for Tiago, blending them to perfection. This relieved me of the worry of meal preparation, as I knew these meals contained all the necessary nutrients. Each meal was also detailed with nutritional information and weight, enabling us to replicate the same diet at home.

Stem Cell Treatment and Seamless Care

Tiago received his first stem cell treatment just three days after our arrival, executed with precision and care. The morning was packed with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and sessions in the Hyperbaric chamber. Around midday, the nurses prepared Tiago for the stem cell procedure, ensuring his comfort and administering a mild sedative to help him sleep. The treatment, involving both a lumbar injection and intravenous delivery, was completed by late afternoon. Remarkably, Tiago experienced no side effects, despite the possibility of fever and stress.

Early Progress and Encouraging Signs

The combined effect of the diverse therapeutic approaches at Beike became evident in the early weeks of Tiago’s treatment. His quality of sleep noticeably improved, and he began smiling on a daily basis, a stark contrast to his once-weekly smiles. We observed progress in his chewing and vocalization, indicating an enhanced ability to swallow. The frequency of suctioning decreased considerably, marking a significant milestone for Tiago’s comfort and well-being. Additionally, his visual tracking improved, as he began to respond more actively to lights.

Continued Journey and Maintaining Progress

Three weeks into our Beike therapy program, we marveled at the multitude of improvements we witnessed in Tiago’s development. Buoyed by these successes, we eagerly anticipate the continued work and further improvements that lie ahead. As we return home, we are committed to implementing the therapies prescribed by Beike, ensuring that Tiago’s progress continues. Hearing professionals acknowledge the positive changes they have witnessed only reinforces our belief in the success of this treatment.

Recommendation and Hope for the Future

I wholeheartedly recommend Beike to all parents of children with disabilities, such as Tiago’s cerebral palsy. The holistic approach and variety of therapies employed by Beike have proven instrumental in Tiago’s remarkable progress. I am more than willing to share additional information and feedback with anyone who seeks it. Our journey is far from over, and I eagerly anticipate commencing another treatment and returning to Beike in the future.

Our pursuit of alternative treatments for our son, Tiago, led us to Beike in Thailand. Their cutting-edge technology paired with tailored therapies have already resulted in significant improvements in Tiago’s quality of life. From his enhanced sleep patterns and increased mobility to improved chewing, swallowing, and visual tracking abilities, each milestone achieved fills us with hope for a brighter future. As we continue our journey with Beike, we are thankful for the progress made and excited for the additional improvements that lie ahead.

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