How Robert Gets Better after Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS in Florida

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I was diagnosed with lupus in 1993 that’s when my son who is a university graduate now was a baby my mom she she suffered from lupus from you know from as young as i can remember maybe five years old or even maybe a little older than that but you know it was a constant battle someday she felt good someday she felt bad well my mom she has always been a fighter my mom’s always been a very positive person she’s the kind of person that’s always seen the glass half full instead of half empty the loop was migrated into my system and when it gets into the system it targeted my kidneys so over by a period of 20 years it was just pounding on my kidneys so then i had to start on dialysis well with dialysis they wanted to do a kidney transplant so that i had to go ahead and start the organ transplant in miami so when my sister found out that i was so sick and she wanted to be able to help we got her over here to come and get me kidneys because she said she would do that so when i got here the condition i met her was a critical condition she was unable to move it’s been really tough you know for me to see her like that um and it was it wasn’t it wasn’t the easiest thing you know for our family just because we know how our mom is i left home and i came to college we would speak uh four or five times four or five four or five times a day and i’m always keeping up with her to make sure everything’s all right and we’re always checking in checking in on one another so um you know before the treatment i noticed that um you know she she would have more bad days like i said before she would uh find herself struggling with small tasks that most people would do effortlessly and i would i would you know it was a it was a it’s a tough period for any son or daughter to have to endure that every time we get on the phone it’s about man mom’s not doing good today or man like i don’t even know what to say to her you know because she’s just she’s just not doing really good today so if she’s not feeling good he’s not feeling good so it’s like you know me i’m trying to like help both of them as far as like just you know just supporting them she couldn’t even move i’ll be the one to take food to her upstairs i would prepare her food i’ll make sometimes i almost took shower for her i’m just trying to you want me to taste her hair for you that’s how it works it was she couldn’t stand up she couldn’t do anything she’s tried everything you know she’s tried so many different diets so many different medications so many different types of treatments types of doctors and i think with the stomatics it was just another opportunity of like hope you know to um to get better so i’m coughing for the next two or three years and the doctor said well until this cough clears before we can get you into surgery she can’t she couldn’t breathe so the doctors told her that she can’t do this she can’t do the transplant because she’s at a risk because she couldn’t breathe her lungs was not functioning very well so he looked at me and he said well i’m sorry there’s nothing i can do for you so i looked at him i said are you serious i’m 40 something years old you’re gonna tell me there’s really nothing you can do this is not acceptable to me so i said okay you said your part then it’s time for me to go look for other alternatives because i just don’t believe that this is all there is going to be i can’t live like this i’m coughing i can’t breathe i’m out of breath i’m a registered nurse by the way and i can’t walk what the heck so he was like i’m so sorry there’s nothing we can do so i came on i came home and went online and i started looking thankfully i’ve already heard about stem cell for a while now so i said let me store it further come to find out there was a center in tampa i questioned it a little bit at first um but i i’m never i never want to be the the source of negativity when she wants to do something to keep herself you know in good shape and good health the way that they prepare you actually you think you’re going to be there for three days getting the treatment but no you go and meet with the doctor for about 15-20 minutes that first day because he hasn’t really known you before he only knew you from your medical records and he had no time to wait i was expecting the thing to start working but four weeks later was when i saw the change i i was i was so amazed and i can finally get up in the morning and don’t have to be so groggy and so so tired in the morning and i’m able to get off from my room and take a shower and do my daily routine that i normally do that will take me forever because i’m so short of breath i have to take rest and frequent experience i was doing that with no issue i come downstairs and me and my sister we’re up all over the place we can go places and do errands this is erin that i would normally take me a month to finish different errands because one era and then we are done for the day i’m going from place to place so water quality of life that have afforded me because now i see so much more possibility for my future rather than the other one that they predicted for me maybe three weeks later the thing inside kicking like ah i’m no longer sort of bred can you notice her you know she just came out she came out very fresh and you know she started breathing well you know she could there was a day she wrong she came she climbed the stairs almost like twice i was saying wow so this thing is really working so that was how seeing that since that time also up to date she has been doing very great over i guess a period of a month it just her day just kind of started to get a little better you know i would call her and she would sound a lot more upbeat or i would call her and she’s like yeah i’m not out of breath today and there was just a long a longer period of time where it was just like every day i was calling her like she’s just like the patricia that i know you know the mom that i know that is just very full of life you know and um it was very good to hear that you know things that we take for granted walking up and down the stairs which is such a challenge for her that it’s not you know so that was really really neat to hear that everything is different um you know she’s she’s she’s a she’s made a 180 degree turn um she’s happy she’s lively she looks like she’s always going to go down and and and run a runway you know a model shoot or something i don’t know but you know she’s always excited and she’s always telling me what she’s going to do with her day and you know she just like i said this the medic treatment gave her the freedom that she always wanted so so now that we did this thematic they said you look you’re full of life you look so much more younger and i can breathe that’s the most that’s the most important because when you can’t breathe nothing matters so i’m able to breathe i’m so grateful and i can walk and travel like i always wanted to now in fact she can you know she’ll just say okay guys let’s go out you can be outside all day from one place to another you know i’m so glad i’m so glad my mom loves traveling you know her birthday’s coming up so i want to take her out and i promised her that we’ll go to washington so hopefully that’s still in the works i’m looking forward to even i’m going back home this weekend and i’m looking forward to even going to la fitness with her so uh you know hopefully we can get a workout in and you know just work some type of a normal routine and now that she has the energy to do so if you feel like maybe you’ve tried everything and everything nothing has worked just know that that even in my mom’s life that she has tried everything you know she has tried literally everything under the sun and and the very last thing that she tried was the medics you know so i would say that if if you’ve tried everything and you feel like there’s no other hope you know try stemetics i would suggest that you do you know it went from something that was a burden to the to the family to her you know to everyone to all her loved ones to something that we’re now rejoicing about so i honestly i recommend it 100 i want to thank some medics for and whoever came up with this treatment modality and i’m very grateful that it did because all the years of people praying and being so hopeless it’s finally going to end if you’re open so be open there are so many more opportunities out there know what the doctor says shouldn’t be defined or said doctors tell you something they’re just humans your human potential potentiality is way much more don’t accept what doctors have just take it at face value thank god for them and god for the nurses and when they come to chronic illnesses they really don’t have a handle on it yet so that’s why you need to when the medics come into your life through what however way you found them online in the newspaper know that that’s that’s the answer to your prayers.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a promising but still experimental approach to treating this progressive neurological disorder. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain, causing muscle weakness, paralysis, and eventually, respiratory failure. There is currently no cure for ALS.

The theory behind Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS is to use stem cells to replace the damaged nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain. Stem cells are special cells that have the ability to develop into many different types of cells, including nerve cells. By introducing stem cells into the body, scientists hope to promote the growth of new, healthy nerve cells that can replace the damaged ones and improve symptoms.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS in Florida

The potential benefits of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS include:

Replacement of Damaged Nerve Cells: Stem cells have the ability to develop into many different types of cells, including nerve cells. By introducing stem cells into the body, scientists hope to promote the growth of new, healthy nerve cells that can replace the damaged ones and improve symptoms.

Slow Progression of the Disease: By replacing damaged nerve cells, Regenerative Medicine Treatment may slow the progression of ALS and improve quality of life for patients.

Minimal Invasiveness: Unlike traditional treatments for ALS, which may involve surgery or other invasive procedures, Regenerative Medicine Treatment is a minimally invasive procedure.

Better Understanding of the Disease: Clinical trials testing the safety and efficacy of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for ALS provide valuable information about the disease and its potential treatments, which can lead to better understanding and future therapies.

How to choose the best hospital for Regenerative Medicine Treatment?

Some general factors that patients may consider when choosing a Regenerative Medicine Treatment clinic:

Expertise and experience: Patients should look for a clinic with a medical team that has experience and expertise in Regenerative Medicine Treatment.

Clinical trials: Patients should consider if the clinic is involved in clinical trials for Regenerative Medicine Treatment, as these trials provide valuable information about the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

Reputation: Patients should research the reputation of the clinic and read patient reviews to get an idea of their experience with the clinic and its medical staff.

Safety: Patients should consider the safety record of the clinic and ask about any potential risks or side effects associated with the Regenerative Medicine Treatment.

Availability of alternative treatments: Patients should consider if the clinic offers alternative treatments if the Regenerative Medicine Treatment is not effective or if there are any complications.

Stemedix Inc in St Petersburg Florida have all these qualities and that’s why its is consider as one of the best Regenerative Medicine Treatment Center in the world. It is important to note that the best Regenerative Medicine Treatment clinic for one patient may not be the best for another. Patients should carefully consider their individual needs and medical history before choosing a Regenerative Medicine Treatment clinic.


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