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Cerebral Palsy

Hi, my name is Jorge del Castillo and I come from Bogotá, Colombia. I am the proud father of Pablo del Castillo, a brave young boy who has faced numerous challenges in his life due to his cerebral palsy. In this article, I want to share our personal journey of hope and how stem cell treatment provided Pablo with an opportunity to improve his quality of life.

Discovering Stem Cell Treatment

When Pablo was just 6 months old, he suffered from a stroke which led to his diagnosis of cerebral palsy. His condition was quite severe, categorized as level 5 hypertonic cerebral palsy. As we searched for ways to improve his condition, we came across the experience of a fellow Colombian patient who had undergone stem cell treatment at Beike Biotechnology. Intrigued by the potential opportunities and hope it offered, I delved into extensive research and eventually decided that this treatment could be the chance we had been waiting for.

Pablo’s Complex Condition

Pablo’s cerebral palsy was accompanied by intense hypertonia and various orthopedic disorders. Among his many symptoms, he experienced severe hypertonia, a scissor pattern in his legs, lack of head and body control, and compromised vision due to optic nerve damage caused by hypoxia. His condition presented multiple complexities and limitations, prompting us to seek out alternative treatments.

The First Trip and Life-Changing Improvements

Despite Pablo being 13 years old when we first heard about the stem cell treatment, we decided to embark on this journey with hope in our hearts. At the beginning of the treatment, Pablo’s spasticity was extremely intense, severely impacting his daily life. However, within a week of the treatment, we witnessed incredible changes in his condition.

The holistic approach of Beike’s stem cell treatment offered comprehensive care that encompassed various therapies. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact therapy that led to Pablo’s improvements, it is clear that the collective effect, along with his personal experiences, played a significant role. Pablo’s vision improved, his eyes aligned, and he gained the ability to stare at objects. These changes allowed him to interact with his environment, enhancing his overall quality of life.

Acceptance and Resilience

Experiencing a stroke and its aftermath was a tremendous shock for our entire family. It took us time to understand and accept what had happened. However, we were fortunate to have a united and supportive family network that helped us navigate through the challenges. Together, we gradually accepted and assimilated the change in our lives.

Understanding our situation through a powerful metaphor, we realized that life can take unexpected turns, much like a journey where you plan for the beach but end up in the mountains. While this change brought sacrifices, it also brought new and beautiful experiences. We learned to embrace our new life, filled with resilience, sacrifice, and unexpected joys.

The Second Trip and Continual Progress

After witnessing Pablo’s positive response to the first trip, we knew we had to come back for a second round of treatment. We wanted to build upon the progress already made and provide Pablo with further opportunities to feel at home in this supportive environment. Undoubtedly, I would recommend this treatment to others, with the caveat of managing expectations and understanding that each patient may respond differently.

Our ongoing journey is focused on reinforcing Pablo’s standing and bipedal pattern, which involves a series of comprehensive changes. These changes encompass physical aspects, posture improvements, increased stimulation, and enhanced connection with his surroundings. Moving forward, our primary goal is to continue working diligently, following all the instructions and therapies we have learned at Beike’s hospital.

In summary, our experience with stem cell treatment for Pablo’s cerebral palsy has been life-changing. With measured expectations and a commitment to constant work and rehabilitation, we have seen remarkable improvements in Pablo’s condition. Stem cell treatment, accompanied by the holistic and comprehensive approach of Beike Biotechnology, has transformed our lives and granted us renewed hope and optimism for the future.

This is a journey that deserves to be shared, so that others may also find this life-changing opportunity. Stem cell treatment has provided Pablo and our family with a chance to overcome the challenges of cerebral palsy and strive for a better quality of life. Through constant work and a supportive team, we continue to forge ahead with determination and gratitude for the improvements we have witnessed.

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