Coyote Alberto: My Cancer Journey in Mexico

A Journey of Hope: Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer at Immunity Therapy Center, Tijuana, Mexico

My name is Alberto Ruz Winfield, but many people call me “Coyote Alberto.” I reside in the serene mountains of Mexico, nestled in the heart of Morelos, within the Echo Village. Today, I am here to recount a deeply personal and emotional journey—a battle against prostate cancer that has changed my perspective on life and led me to Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

A Diagnosis That Altered My World

It all began with a diagnosis, one that shook me to my core. Through biopsies and surgeries, I learned that cancer had taken residence in my prostate, and it didn’t stop there. Metastases had spread to my pelvic bones. The year was 2022, and the path ahead seemed daunting.

Searching for a Ray of Hope

In the wake of my diagnosis, I embarked on a journey through various treatments. I sought help from the National Institute of Cancerology, making significant changes to my diet and embracing other aspects of their recommended program, such as enemas and infrared heat therapy for pain relief. These efforts aimed to fight the relentless progression of cancer within me.

Discovering Immunity Therapy Center

During this challenging time, my daughter, Veronica, brought me invaluable information from Dr. Bautista about Immunity Therapy Center. As my family and I read through the materials, hope started to flicker within our hearts. It became evident that this place offered more than just traditional treatments—it offered a chance at a better quality of life.

The Machines That Breathe Life

At the heart of this journey were the remarkable machines at Immunity Therapy Center. These cutting-edge devices aimed to strengthen my immune system and rekindle my spirit. The focus was not solely on treating the disease but on elevating the overall quality of my life. The goal was to help me overcome pain, fear, and the limitations that cancer had imposed on me.

The Healing Touch of Compassion

Immunity Therapy Center proved to be more than just a medical facility. It was a haven of compassionate souls dedicated to guiding me through this battle. The medical professionals behind these machines understood not only what they were doing but also why and how much it mattered. They cared about my journey and my well-being.

Three Weeks of Transformation

I have spent just three weeks here, but the changes have been remarkable. If you were to compare pictures of me from three weeks ago to today, you would see a person who is closer to who I used to be. Immunity Therapy Center has been instrumental in my transformation, both physically and emotionally.

Tijuana: A City of Resilience and Warmth

Beyond the walls of Immunity Therapy Center lies Tijuana—a city that has seen its share of struggles but has emerged as a symbol of resilience. Tijuana has become more than just a destination; it has become a place of hope. The people here are gentle, generous, and welcoming, even amidst the bustling traffic and city life. The city is a testament to the human spirit, a place where healing extends beyond medical treatments.

A Special Moment in History

I firmly believe that this moment in history is extraordinary, not just for Tijuana but for the entire world. Tijuana has transformed into a hub of hope, akin to Rome, Paris, New York, or Mexico City. It has become a sanctuary for those seeking treatment, for those who refuse to give up. The people of Tijuana are part of this healing process, offering their warmth, generosity, and education to all who come seeking solace.

A Warm Place for Healing

In my daily walks from my home to Immunity Therapy Center, I encounter bustling avenues and busy intersections. Yet, unlike many other places, Tijuana’s transit police are not just enforcers; they are educators and compassionate individuals. They ensure safety with kindness, a stark contrast to the impersonal experiences I’ve had in other cities.


In conclusion, I want to extend a heartfelt message to those who are grappling with health challenges, especially those battling cancer. If you find yourself in a situation where options seem limited, consider exploring treatments here in Tijuana, Mexico. The Mexican people, together with the dedicated team at Immunity Therapy Center, will welcome you with open arms and provide the care and warmth that are integral to the healing process.

Connect with us and explore the possibilities of healing. Let’s write a new chapter in your life’s journey together.

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