Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain

Regenerative Medicine for Hip Treatment

Stem Cell Hip Treatment is very popular to get rid of the difficulties related to the surgical procedure. If you are suffering from pain, an effective pain management treatment is necessary to get back to the normal life. This treatment uses stem cells and it is injected into the affected portion of your hip. The procedure is uncomplicated and the healing process is very swift. In general, hip pain takes a long time to be healed but stem cell treatment is very effective as an alternative to hip surgery or hip replacement.

Stem Cell Treatment for Different Types of Hip Injuries

Stem cell treatment is bringing a huge change in the pain management treatment and here are some types of hip injuries that can be treated with Stem cell therapy.

  • Osteonecrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinopathy
  • Labral Tear
  • Labrum Tear

The Reasons behind Hip Pain


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two common reasons behind hip pain. A large number of older people face such difficulties after the age of 50. The pain results from the breakage of the cartilage cushion and the inflammation of the hip joint.


Human bone becomes weaker with age. It can easily break if one falls or gets injured. Fracture is a common reason for developing hip pain nowadays.


Inflammation or irritation of the tendons sometimes results in severe hip pain.

Hip pain can also result from hip labral tear and bursitis.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

Hip pain can occur from different conditions and one can feel pain in:

  • Buttocks
  • Groin
  • Outside/Inside of the hip joint
  • Thigh

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps to Treat Hip Problems?

Stem cell therapy is a promising new treatment option for hip pain. It involves using stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissue around the hip joint, reducing pain and improving mobility. Stem cells are harvested from a patient’s own body, then injected into the area of the hip where they’re needed most. The cells then start to repair and regenerate, rebuilding the damaged tissue and restoring proper function to the hip joint.

Stem cells are used to reconstruct the bone density and cartilage. The treatment begins with the extraction of stem cells from the bone marrow and later, it builds new tissues for the joint. This treatment is very effective compared to the traditional hip surgeries, where patients have to follow strict guidelines during the recovery. Stem cell treatment is very fast, and patients can get back to their normal lives just after a few weeks of the procedure.

Hip Regenerative Medicine Benefits

Stem cell hip pain treatment offers numerous benefits, and it is very effective for hip pain.

Prevents high levels of pain causing molecules
Protects newly created cartilage
Long-term benefit
Safe procedures as stem cell and platelet rich plasma is collected from own source (patient’s blood)
Faster recovery compared to the traditional hip replacement surgery

Average Cost of the Regenerative Hip Treatment

The cost of the treatment can differ depending on the place and package price. This treatment is available at a cost of around $10,000 in different countries like India, the Czech Republic etc.

FAQs about Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain

How long does stem cell therapy last for hips?

The duration of the effects of stem cell therapy for hip pain can vary greatly depending on the severity and cause of the initial condition. Generally, most patients experience an improvement in their level of function and a reduction in pain within 4 weeks after receiving treatment. However, some people may experience longer lasting or permanent relief from certain types of chronic hip pain conditions. The effects of stem cell therapy for hip pain may also last for several months or years depending on the individual patient’s condition and how well the treatment works for them. Additionally, each person’s response to stem cell therapy may be different, so it’s important to discuss your expected results with your doctor prior to receiving treatment.

What is the success rate of stem cell therapy for hips?

The success rates of stem cell therapy for hips varies depending on the individual, their overall health and lifestyle, and the severity of the hip pain. Generally, studies have found that stem cell therapy can greatly reduce hip pain symptoms in the majority of patients.

How Much time for recovery from stem cell injection in hip?

The amount of time required for recovery from a stem cell injection in the hip can vary depending on the individual and their injury or condition. Generally, however, patients can expect to resume normal activities within a few days of the injection. However, it may take several weeks to notice full results from the stem cell therapy.

Can stem cells regrow hip cartilage?

Stem cell therapy can be used to regenerate cartilage in the hip joint. Studies have shown that stem cells may help restore lost or damaged cartilage in the hip joint and reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. In one study, cells from a patient’s own bone marrow were injected into the hip joint, resulting in significant improvement in pain and function.

Does Medicare cover stem cell therapy for hips?

The answer to this question depends on the specific procedure and treatment that is being done. Generally, Medicare does not cover stem cell therapy for hip pain. However, there are some cases in which Medicare does cover certain types of stem cell treatments.

You can consult with a stem cell clinics or good Rheumatologist or Orthopaedist if you are willing to avail this treatment.

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