Stem Cell Knee- ACL Tears Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Knee ACL Tears Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Knee- ACL Tears Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Knee- ACL Tears Treatment Abroad

ACL tear or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a type of knee injury which is associated with sportspersons like mountain bikers, skiers, and others. ACL works as the knee stabilizer and if it is torn, it doesn’t heal easily. The surgical procedure is a common way to heal it; however, it is impossible to get back the same strength after surgery. Nowadays, you can see a large number of young people affected by arthritis at their 30s. The newly invented stem cell treatment is bringing a huge change in surgical procedures and now it is possible to treat ACL tear with stem cell therapy.

Treatments Available For ACL Tears

There are different treatments available for ACL tears and here are some popular treatments for the same.


  • Apply ice on the injury every twenty minutes for 120 minutes
  • Wrap up an elastic band around the affected areas
  • Take rest and keep the knee elevated (you can place the knee on pillows)
  • Don’t bear any weight, as it will give severe ache on the knees

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy is new in pain management treatment. Nowadays it is possible to treat ACL tears with stem cell therapy and patients can ignore the long rehabilitation period after the surgery. Stem cell treatment is very swift and it takes only a few weeks to recover. Some necessary exercise will help the patients to get back to their normal lives just after a few months.

Reasons behind Knee ACL Tears

ACL injuries are mostly associated with the sportsperson. In general, it is resulted from unusual stress on the knees. The common reasons for ACL tears are,

  • Landing from an incorrect jump
  • Sudden stop
  • Direct hard hit on the knee due to an accident or bodily blow like tackle during a football game
  • Pivoting with your firmly planted foot


ACL injury will give you severe pain and it will affect your normal activities. You will find it hard to move from one place to another. Generally, the pain begins within a few hours and you can feel a loud popping sensation on the knee.

Stem Cell Treatment for ACL Injuries 

Stem cell therapy has changed the traditional surgical procedures nowadays. Stem cell treatment is found to be very effective for ACL injuries. The procedure is almost painless and the success of stem cell treatment is bringing major changes in pain management nowadays.

Advantages of Stem Cell Treatment

  • Get rid of the surgical procedure
  • Fast recovery
  • Almost painless procedure
  • Secure process

Cost of Stem Cell Knee ACL Treatment

The cost of the treatment varies on the place and different packages offered by the clinics. There is no standard cost for the treatment. You can avail the treatment at around $4700 in the Czech Republic, $4350 in Mexico; however, the average cost can range up to $10,000.

Finding the Best Clinic

We recommend you to consult with a good orthopedist and look for a licensed clinic to avail the treatment.

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