Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis Treatment


Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis Treatment

CMC stands for “Carpometacarpal” and the disorder develops at the base of the thumb. Joint arthritis occurs at the intersection point between the wrist and thumb. The base point is comprised of the wrist (Carpal) bone and a long (Metacarpal) bone. The CMC joint is widely regarded as the most common place for the disorder called arthritis.

People with such disorder often prefer joint reconstruction surgeries to improve the condition. However, such kind of treatments invites side effects such as a decrease in motion, tenderness, numbness, etc.

Stem cells therapy is considered as one of the most effective solutions for such disorders and the best parts are that you do not have to go anywhere to collect stem cells for the treatment, as our body generates stem cells on its own. Our body uses the stem cells to heal tendons and bone muscles.  Stem cells significantly help our body to heal wounds naturally and cure conditions like arthritis and injuries in thumb, wrist, and hand. Stem cells therapy helps us to get rid of painful rehabilitation periods.

Causes and Symptoms of Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

Arthritis is the main reason for the CMC joint disorder, as it starts to break down the CMC joint. We have the protective cartilage padding at the end of our bone that also faces corrosion. This simply deteriorates the joint movement and causes pain and swelling. The patient may experience a grinding sensation in the wrist.

Pain, stiffness, and swelling are the primary symptoms of thumb CMC/Basal joint arthritis. The symptoms will be felt more as the patient wakes up in the morning. The pain can also be felt even when the patient is in rest.

Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/ Basal Joint Arthritis

Our body generates stem cells to repair damaged tissues and that is what experts do in the stem cell therapy. Experts extract the stem cells from our body and re-injected them in our body after some lab works. The treatment is effective for thumb CMC/Basal joint arthritis too.

In this process, experts extract the stem cells from bone marrow and then preserved and centrifuged them to purify the stem cells for re-use.

Advantages of Receiving Stem Cell Therapy for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

Following the stem cells treatment for thumb CMC/Basal joint arthritis, patients can experience a fast recovery that helps them to get back in normal activities quickly. The key advantages of receiving stem cell therapy are:

  • Fast and natural recovery
  • Total relief from the pain
  • Quick healing time
  • Noninvasive process
  • Safe and effective treatment

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

The average cost of stem cell therapy for the thumb CMC/Basal joint arthritis in Europe is nearly $15,600, while it can surge up to as high as $34,000. In the Asian countries like China and India, the costs for the same treatment can be around $14,000.

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