Stem Cell Treatment for AIDS and HIV Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Treatment for AIDS and HIV

Stem Cell Treatment for AIDS and HIV

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) are known as deadly diseases in our society. AIDS is considered the final stage of HIV infection and it severely affects the immune system and its normal activities. For a long time, the scientists are searching for an effectual process of treatment of this disease.

A person suffering from HIV goes through several phases of the disease and the duration of the phase can run up to 8 years or more. It starts from acute infection and ends at the stage of clinical latency which leads the patient to more infections due to the increased virus levels in the body. According to the statement of AIDS Organization, the condition can be diagnosed when the CD4 cell count decreases and comes under 200 cells per cubic milliliters of blood. Recent discoveries have shown the benefits of cell transplantation treatment and stem cell therapy has become a popular non-surgical procedure to control various signs of HIV.

Stem Cell Therapy for HIV and AIDS

The severity of HIV can increase with the enhanced virus levels among the patients. Stem cell therapy aims to improve the immune system of the body, control the virus level and heals your body in an effective way. The success of advanced stem cell therapy has opened up a vast opportunity in the medical field and researchers are conducting experiments on the embryonic or fetal stem cell therapy to come up with another lifesaving therapy.

The stem cell treatment is comparably new and nowadays, many countries are offering their patent-protected technologies to the patients. There is an organization in Ukraine that conducts research on the benefits and effectiveness of stem cell therapy for HIV and AIDS. They have nearly two decades of experience and they are making a difference with a significant rate of success. The treatment is very effective to stop an individual from slipping into the most severe stages of HIV.

Stem cell therapy has become a preferred choice among a large group of people due to its success. Many people have experienced a positive outcome from stem cell treatment and hence the popularity is increasing with time.

According to the statement of the University of California, San Francisco AIDS Research Institute, more than 8000 people are dying of AIDS on a regular basis. Therefore they are looking for new methods which can improve expectancy and the quality of lives.


Stem cell treatment is advantageous and here are some key benefits of the treatment;

  • Cell transplantation is a natural process and it helps to control the virus level and immune system
  • There are many clinics to offer stem cell treatment and the positive results are bringing a change in the treatment of HIV
  • Non-surgical and affordable process

How to Choose the Best Clinic?

Stem cell therapy is new compared to the traditional treatments. If you are planning to go with the stem cell treatment, you should get it from a reputed clinic. Check the packages and reputation of the clinic. As there is no standard price and the cost of the packages can differ. Check the reviews and ratings to get an idea about their services.

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