Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis Treatment Abroad

Osteonecrosis is a condition where our bones do not get adequate blood supply. If the condition has not been diagnosed and addressed in time then it can cause the bone to die. The disease is also known as avascular necrosis, aseptic necrosis or ischemic bone necrosis. The loss of blood to the bones is the main reason behind this disorder.

There are a few options an Osteonecrosis patient can opt to get relief from this bone disorder. Stem cell therapy is one of them and it can help patients to rid from unbearable pain. This method is less expensive than other available treatment options. Let us talk about the disease and the best available solution in details.

Key Symptoms of Osteonecrosis

The patient may not experience any symptoms in the beginning, but the sharp pain in the affected area can cause disruption in later stages. In later periods, the patients can experience unbearable pain when put pressure on the affected area.

As the disease progresses, the pain will turn out to be more constant. If the condition has not been improved, the pain can spread across the surrounding area. The pain intensifies with time and affects the regular life of the patients badly. The pain may restrict the patient to use his or her joints freely. In later stages, the patient can experience sharp pain even when in a resting position. It may take 6 months or more than a year for the bone of a patient to be collapsed.

What Causes Osteonecrosis?    

The disorder called Osteonecrosis can be caused a by a number of reasons, as it can occur due to sickle cell disease or autoimmune disease. Let us look at some of the common reasons that can responsible for Osteonecrosis disease.

  • Chronic corticosteroid use
  • Blood clots
  • Damage of arteries
  • Inflammation
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Inherited metabolic disorders like gaucher’s disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Chemotherapy
  • HIV infections, etc

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help an Osteonecrosis Patient?

Rapid advancement in the field of medical science has opened the door for some unique and effective solutions for disorders like Osteonecrosis. Stem cell therapy is one of the latest innovations in medical science. The therapy is quite effective for the diseases like Osteonecrosis, where patients suffer from unbearable pain and many other difficulties.

In this method, therapists extract cell tissue from the patient’s body and then combine other factors to improve the condition of cells before re-injecting them. Doctors re-inject the cells with platelet plasma, growth hormone and proprietary supplements into the patient’s body to support quick recovery. The therapy can halt the progression of the disease and help patients to get rid from the unbearable pain.

Choosing the Specialist

Therapists associated with the stem cell treatment for Osteonecrosis should be certified and trained by recognized institutions. He or she should have relevant experience in the field. Now, come to the clinic providing stem cell therapy for Osteonecrosis. It should come with state-of-art technology along with trained, experienced and educated therapists and supporting staff.

To know more about the therapists and best available clinics to receive stem cell therapy for Osteonecrosis, call us today.

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