German International Clinic- Stem Cell Therapy in Frankfurt, Germany

German International Clinic- Stem Cell Therapy in Frankfurt, Germany

German International Clinic a private clinic located in Frankfurt, Germany offers excellent stem cell therapy and a good place for recovery headed by Dr. Siebenhuener. Dr.Siebenhuener a director of the German International Clinic offers advanced technology, experience and devotion in providing services to its patients.

Team highly cooperates with the University Hospital of Frankfurt. Together with conventional treatments, this clinic offers an alternative medicine approach that can be also very useful.

Except knowledge and experience, Dr. Siebenhuener and his team offer a friendly atmosphere with an aim to make patients feel like home and stimulate fast recovery. Clinics team offers individual approach to every particular patient in the treatment itself and recovery as well. German International Clinic widely uses an autologous approach that uses your own cells for treatment that can be very safe and effective.

Why German International Clinic?

Among major reasons can be wide range treatments provided there that are based on conventional but also alternative medicine. Such big choice is rarely found on same facility as you have choice between conventional but also alternative methods in solving many chronic problems such as cancer and side effects of chemotherapy.
This clinic is great choice because of patient orientation and friendly approach towards patients.

Except advanced stems cells therapy in which are autologous cells used, there are other services offered on this clinic. Among them are:

Regeneratory therapy: for improving your immunity
Cancer innovative therapy that focuses on side effects of chemotherapy used for treating cancer
Photodynamic laser therapy
Alternative medicine

If you need more information about the treatments and procedures offered by German International Clinic, do not hesitate to contact us!