Tim Story after Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Parkinsons Disease in Florida

Watch testimonial video of Tim after receiving Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Parkinsons Disease in Florida at Stemedix Inc in St Petersburg.

Video Transcript

Before i was diagnosed my life was great i had everything going for us we were happy we had no problems before tim had parkinson’s our life was good we did a lot we have four children two grandbabies and we skied and bike ride golf we’re pretty active family and then all of a sudden one day things changed a little bit and i started to have little symptoms in my left hand my left arm and i was trying to um i just noticed that it was more difficult to do certain tasks i had no energy i was very lethargic it was hard for me to it’s hard to describe but i didn’t feel well every day i just felt something was off and i didn’t know what it was it’s funny because the doctors really didn’t give me a prognosis for the future they they diagnosed me and sent me home with medication without really any instructions on how to get better when he was diagnosed with parkinson’s he was the one that’s researched it all because the two of us walked out of the doctor’s office not knowing what we’re supposed to be doing or where we’re supposed to go or what was going to happen with our future i guess and we just want to start researching it being proactive i decided i was going to make myself get better this wasn’t going to be a death sentence it was going to be a it was going to be a fight but we were going to win the fight i found different stem cells people on the phone different companies and what i liked about stemetics was that they weren’t just after the money i actually had to do certain things to pass for them to do the tests on me which i found incredible because other places i called would tell you the amount of money was going to be and yeah come on in stemetics said no you must you have to have certain scans done blood work done and we have to see it all and then we’ll see if we approve you i made the call i got the information they required i got the test done i sent them the tests when they approved it it was was really it was really simple and we just we went up there and it was enjoyable actually but it was uh very relaxing it wasn’t there was no pressure everybody was so positive from the front desk to the doctor are so incredibly nice people and even just from staying at the hotel getting the shuttle from the hotel to the hospital was just so nice like i’ve never seen it like that before right away i think in the procedure hospital or whatever you want to call it where we were his walking ability had changed i think right away right from the table to leaving i started noticing i had more energy i had movement back in my hands i was walking faster i was moving better and it’s continued it hasn’t really stopped them probably within six months big changes he was moving faster i mean he doesn’t have a lot of shaking to begin with so that pretty much was gone too his vocabulary was better his alertness was better like just everything in general i think in my life’s point of view even my kids say like that’s way better than he was i’m like you guys have to tell him that because he’s got to start believing it now and uh i think the combinations from his small dose of pills to the stem cells have really made a difference in his life i play golf two or three times a week i went and played tennis um i pedaled the bike probably 15 miles 20 miles a day i can do all the things that i once could do i don’t do probably 100 as well but i’m very close to it and it’s exciting i look forward to the future though i noticed in the last a while his sense of smell which i believe parkinson’s people are not supposed to have and it’s very very strong now because keeps asking what kind of detergent has changed no we have the same detergent everything’s the same so there you are i went to the doctor the other day and i got my medication cut in half which is a very rare if you have parkinson’s doesn’t often happen so even the doctor was shocked that i was getting better and i know that at work with his sons he’s um our boys will say oh my god dad’s back to normal so i like what’s normal he says who’s right in the conversations he’s not liking la la land i said oh i never noticed that that was happening so those changes i think are big changes for him i’m 100 better than i was i’m not 100 but i’m better than i was i said we’re gonna go traveling now that you’re good or better than you are or were so and his living and you know just everyday activities are much easier for him so i can attribute to the stem cells if if required i would definitely go back for another Regenerative Medicine Treatment um i believe in it and so it was a great experience i can’t say enough about them you.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Parkinsons Disease

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Parkinson’s disease is a promising, but still experimental treatment approach that involves the transplantation of stem cells into the brain. Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects movement and is caused by the loss of dopamine-producing neurons in a specific region of the brain called the substantia nigra. The goal of Regenerative Medicine Treatment is to replace these damaged or lost neurons with new, healthy cells.

There are two main types of stem cells that are being explored for use in Parkinson’s disease: embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Embryonic stem cells are taken from early-stage embryos and have the ability to develop into any type of cell in the body. iPSCs, on the other hand, are created from adult cells that have been reprogrammed to have the characteristics of embryonic stem cells.

Studies in animal models of Parkinson’s disease have shown that stem cell transplantation can improve symptoms and lead to the generation of new dopamine-producing neurons. However, much more research is needed to determine whether Regenerative Medicine Treatment is safe and effective for humans.

One of the biggest challenges of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Parkinson’s disease is ensuring that the transplanted cells will integrate and function properly in the brain. Researchers are still working to develop methods to enhance the survival and integration of transplanted cells.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Parkinsons Disease in Florida

  • Slows down progression of the disease
  • Improves motor function and reduces symptoms
  • Provides neuroprotection and promotes neuroregeneration
  • Has potential for regenerating dopamine-producing cells
  • Non-invasive alternative to surgery

Has few side effects compared to traditional Parkinson’s treatments

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