Paula Experience after Getting Stem Cell for CRPS in Florida

Stem Cell Therapy for CRPS

Watch testimonial video of Paula after receiving Stem Cell Therapy for CRPS at Stemedix Inc in St Petersburg Florida.

Video Transcript

To try to describe everything that went on these last three years it’s almost impossible i you name an area of your life that you have loved and done for years and then have this come upon you it’s you can’t name everything that it is taken away from you she was the tomboy and so she spent the most time with daddy meaning riding horses every day water skiing she was very very active little kid she was the mascot for our high school she was you know miss popular everything in school she had tons of friends very vivacious funny little kid paul and i met at work four years ago she’s such a funny person to be around and it was just a pleasure to work with her and talk with her and everything paula had this fantastic job in the mid-cities and she worked in a high-rise building and she had a horrible horrible accident one day and i heard about it you know and didn’t really think it was life changing it she hurt her shoulder badly but you know we’re all resilient she certainly is resilient and used to being very self what am i trying to say independent woman you know so i didn’t think this would set her back so when it started to really set her back it was a shock you know that what do you mean you can’t recover what do you mean you can’t work so i have what’s called crps and it’s chronic regional pain syndrome it’s very rare and there’s no cure for it it is a it’s a neurological issue it it is a pain that never stops and the best way i can describe mine is if you put an ice pick right here and you put one behind your shoulder blade and it never stops it never goes away before she had the treatment she was in a lot of pain no matter where we went what time of the day it was her shoulder was excruciatingly painful for her so it was difficult to be around a lot of people it was difficult for her to hug people so it was it was tough she is a remarkable super strong lady the pain that she endured during these past three years has been unbelievable the doctors tried to have her take pain medication and it didn’t work for her and she said i can’t do this i can’t take the pain medicine and not be myself and i said that don’t take it i said you’re better off not to you can have your mind you know watch movies whatever i know it’s going to be boring but at least you know you’re going to be yourself too i couldn’t lay flat i couldn’t even lay on my left side in bed because if i was asleep i’d roll over on it and then i’m up screaming because it’s that kind of pain never stops well we tried to go to the arboretum a couple of years ago and i picked her up and drove her to dallas the drive alone really disturbed the pain in her shoulder it made her very uncomfortable so by the time she got there she wasn’t able to keep up with everybody and walk the whole tour with us she had to take a lot of breaks she would get an uber and come to my house the day before a an appointment with a doctor or with her attorneys by this time those were also in dallas so she was at my house often and she would uber over it’s a 45-minute drive and she would come the day before because by the time she made that drive she could not speak she couldn’t have a conversation she would be shaking she would have to take his xanax or all the different kinds of medications they tried to give her to calm her down drink a little wine whatever it took to calm her down so that the next day she could face another 10-minute drive in a car and i would drive her to the doctor and the slightest dip in the road the slightest uh turn to the left would throw her into spasms and she would say we’d have to just pull over just stop the car and let her recover and then start again the pain was horrible i couldn’t stand the motion of the car i couldn’t walk at a normal pace i couldn’t carry a glass of wine or a coffee cup in this hand there was no hugging um and i’m a hugger so it was very hard but it was worth it there she’s my bff and it’s terrible to say don’t touch me it is very you know i feel like it’s rude and but i can’t help it and it’s incredibly depressing when you can’t hug your children i couldn’t hug my grandchildren i couldn’t hug my sisters i couldn’t hug friends i mean it was like you couldn’t you couldn’t touch me i had a party for my goddaughter’s baby and i did a sip and see and i asked paula to help me with the party at my friend’s house and these are friends that she’s known 40 years and she was sitting in a chair during the celebration in the back corner of the room with chairs beside her pulled out to the side and i didn’t notice it because i think it’s normal for her and all of my friends had no idea what was going on and they said she totally isolated herself she was so afraid of a friend coming over and saying hello that she she blocked herself from the festivity and this is the way she’d been living for three years and i hadn’t even recognized that part it took other people to let me know just how obvious it was that her pain you know she wore it like a piece of armor i’ve been through two major surgeries four minor surgeries you name a pill they’ve tried it on me but again there’s no cure for this it’s a it’s a very sad thing so i researched any organization that was online that was doing research for this condition hoping to find something uh there was a link on one of the organizations for stomatics quite frankly and they were talking a lot about the stem cell and so forth stomatix is very proactive they followed through with me very patient over seriously almost two years because i i couldn’t get there my reaction to paulus talking about doing stem cell was are you crazy you’re nuts right and she goes i’ve tried everything else and nothing worth nothing has worked and i have researched this peggy trust me from every single thing you can ask me any question and i’ll know the answer to it and she did she knew it all and she was determined to do this it was a matter of finding the funds for her to go ahead and have this taken care of and i said and you’re sure you’re not going to be in pain after this is over and she said there’s no guarantee in life but if i don’t try it i’ll never know i scheduled with stemetics in june and went and had the intravenous stem cell therapy i was still skeptical i wanted to go with her because i was afraid you know she’s alone and having some kind of injection and all these things somebody should be there i got to florida when i flew out of dfw and landed in florida i was hysterical the pain was unbelievable got to the hotel hysterical calmed down the next morning a stomatic sent a driver for me and took me to uh the hyperbaric chamber facility by the time i got there i was crying went through the treatments twice the first day twice the second day was crying when i got there crying when i got back to the hotel so that was a monday tuesday wednesday uh is when i went actually went to stomatix and i did the intravenous umbilical cord stem cell and the exosomes that next day on a thursday i went back and did another hyperbaric chamber dive i was not crying when i got there went to the airport this will make me cry went to the airport got on the plane landed at dfw no tears it changed my life night and day i cannot say enough good about what this therapy has done for me what’s going on she goes well i’m going to stay a few days after just to make sure it work and then she calls me she goes i’m home and i went home where and she had felt so good that her elongated stay was over she came home on a thursday and her two of her four grandkids were coming the next day these big tall men that are grandkids and so they were going to come to my house on friday to go do some sightseeing in dallas and i hadn’t seen her since she got back my grandchildren were here right after and i’m talking i was home a day from florida from stomatix and the next day my two grandsons came she came in the door and i’m still afraid to get near her and i opened the door and backed up and she hugged me with both arms full embrace and i s my my jaw dropped i was like what are you doing and she said here i am and it was instant recovery i’ve never seen it’s like black and white it’s like she left on on us on a monday you know in tears in fear for what was going to happen not knowing not having been literally out in public in three years afraid to see anyone and she walked in the door and grabbed me with her i will never forget that moment and so sorry so we went places with the kids and even her boys were like i they couldn’t believe that their lala they call her lala was um so totally recovered so quickly and they were thrilled so we just did everything we went to lunch and we went to the country club we went to the arboretum and we went to the parole museum and everything we could think of to do because before we would go to the arboretum or or anywhere after three minutes she’s having to sit down and we continue and she’s just sitting there because she couldn’t even there’s a crowd around her and she couldn’t stand to be near the people because someone’s going to touch her arm you know someone’s going to hurt her and they stayed with me for a week and they were going oh my god lola you are peeling potatoes chopping up vegetables they were like we can’t believe because they were you know i mean everybody in my family has been like don’t touch her don’t ask her to do this and um i mean it’s totally changed my life in a day in 24 hours it changed my life she was home so we met up and she goes you have to hug me and i went oh crap we hugged and we hugged and we hugged and we hugged and it worked it works you’re gonna work so perfectly i love the death i’d be so lost without her so thank you stems out people for keeping my friend alive because it was very hard mentally for her mostly for her and i tried to stay as strong as i could keep her spirits up but after he left her i would always lose it because it’s not fear she’s much more relaxed and seems to be a whole lot happier and she’s willing and able to hug people so she’s she’s much better off since she had it done much more comfortable with everything that she does so had i not had this stem cell therapy i would still be at home and not going anywhere and that is very depressing not a suicidal day but very dark wouldn’t get off the sofa would not do anything i wouldn’t even eat some days because it is that painful and it’s it’s so hard to explain this pain her face has changed because that pain is gone i mean her it lifted her the light came back into her eyes the um joy in her voice everything changed she’s the youngest of four i’m the oldest of four so growing up we lived in the country we had horses we had sheep we had cows we were always outside doing things so i know she’s very very active and i think that now that she’s had this done she’ll be able to be active like that again our niece has two uh well two or four horses and i know paul would love to ride again she hasn’t been able to do that for a long time because it’s so jarring to that shoulder i’ma tell you something is the best money i have ever spent in my entire life i have projects i can work on i have things i can do to move forward i can travel i can go back to i can ride horses i can play the piano again i can garden i can anything that i want to do i am capable of doing now so it’s the best thing i’ve ever done i will be able to be social again and get out and you know meet people i i’m starting a little home business that’s going to get me out to different places and different seminars if you please you know just social gatherings so you know i’m i’m i’m ready i’m so ready to get back busy it’s not even funny i would like to say thank you to medics for bringing my friend back to life to a fabulous life i want to tell you that i have praised the name of stematics to everybody i know everybody that knows paula thank you for giving my sister back to me and giving her life back it’s it’s world changing for my entire family you.

Stem Cell Therapy for CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic condition characterized by severe pain, swelling, and changes in the skin color and temperature of the affected limb. Stem cell therapy is a relatively new and experimental treatment option for CRPS that has shown promise in reducing pain and improving function.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to develop into various types of cells in the body. In stem cell therapy for CRPS, stem cells are harvested from the patient’s own body, usually from bone marrow or fat tissue, and then reinjected into the affected limb. The idea behind this therapy is that the stem cells will differentiate into cells that can help to repair damaged tissues and reduce inflammation, leading to a reduction in pain.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for CRPS

The benefits of stem cell therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) include:

Pain Reduction: Some studies have shown that stem cell therapy can help to reduce pain in patients with CRPS.

Improved Function: Stem cell therapy may also improve limb function in patients with CRPS.

Non-Invasive: Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive procedure that does not require surgery.

Minimal Side Effects: Stem cell therapy has few side effects compared to other treatments for CRPS, such as drugs or surgery.

Potential for Long-Term Relief: Stem cell therapy may provide long-term relief from pain and improved function in patients with CRPS.

Why choose St Petersburg Florida for Stem Cell Therapy?

St. Petersburg, Florida has become a popular destination for stem cell therapy due to its:

Access to experienced providers: St. Petersburg has a number of experienced healthcare providers offering stem cell therapy, providing patients with access to high-quality care.

State-of-the-art facilities: The city is home to state-of-the-art medical facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipment for stem cell therapy.

Mild Climate: St. Petersburg has a mild climate that can be beneficial for patients undergoing stem cell therapy, as it can help to reduce stress and promote healing.

Affordable Costs: St. Petersburg is known for offering affordable healthcare services, making it an attractive option for patients seeking stem cell therapy.

Tourist Destination: St. Petersburg is also a popular tourist destination, offering patients the opportunity to combine their medical treatment with a vacation.

In conclusion, stem cell therapy is a promising treatment option for CRPS, but more research is needed to determine its efficacy and safety. If you are considering stem cell therapy for CRPS, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if it is appropriate for you.


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