How Richard Get Improvement after Regenerative Medicine Treatment for COPD in USA

Watch testimonial video of Richard after receiving Regenerative Medicine Treatment for COPD in USA at Stemedix Inc in St Petersburg Florida.

Video Transcript

So before i had the Regenerative Medicine Treatment my life was a little bit on the miserable side i had had a lung surgery on my right lung for an aspergillus infection which they didn’t know was aspergillus at the time and uh very restricted very restricted as far as my breathing was concerned i would get short of breath with very little exertion and was very frustrating very frustrating he just wasn’t he just like would lay around the house sometimes to just watch golf and not be productive and do things traveling uh beforehand was had gotten to the point where it was very cumbersome had to have wheelchair assist to be able to get from check-in through security and to the gates because i just couldn’t handle all the walking we would travel but whenever we would travel he wouldn’t do like all the fun activities that would be on the agenda i had heard about it and then i started reading that they actually had developed Regenerative Medicine Treatment for COPD patients so i started investigating different companies and my pulmonary doctor was actually of great assistance to me and narrowing it down to Stemedix i went down to the hotel uh the day before the procedure then i went to the facility that day for um you know basically a little education as to what the procedure was going to be like and they picked me up and took me and they brought me back to the hotel and had a regular evening that evening and then in the morning they came and got me and went down for the procedure the staff were just absolutely incredible very very friendly very courteous concerned about my comfort and of course you know when you go in for the liposuction section of it that’s a little bit intimidating but the doctor was exceptionally good and the actual treatment itself once they had harvested the stem cells i had a breathalyzer uh treatment knit like a nebulizer um first and then they introduced the rest of the stem cells through an ib process which took about a half hour 45 minutes i guess then it was off the table get get dressed and go home back to the hotel and they took me back to hotel and then the next morning they came and got me and went back the doctor checked the incisions and that was it i was on my way but after the treatment it’s like whoa this is a different person i don’t know who you are yes i’m kind of glad he did this treatment i’ve started to notice a difference almost right away i don’t know how much of that was psychological but definitely definitely an improvement i mean here it is it’s almost a year later and Christmas day i played 36 holes of golf i never would have been able to do that two or three years ago didn’t get winded as much his hair started growing a lot quicker it was like oh you’re not bald anymore you actually have hair um and just he was more uh he did more things like he was more active and not just slug on the couch watching golf they classify me now as having emphysema and my father passed away from emphysema so it’s obviously a big concern of mine but my life has changed a lot since uh i had the Regenerative Medicine Treatment in february i have a lot more energy i don’t get seriously short of breath at all i don’t need to use breathalyzer inhalers it’s allowing me to play golf it’s allowing me to go back to playing music which i love doing and i’m a drummer and it takes a lot of energy to to do a whole set or a whole concert and i don’t get short of breath from any of that it’s really really good and then once he had his treatment it was like boom boom boom like you’re going from 50 miles an hour and i’m going 10. slow down dad definitely as far as my daughter’s concerned because i’ve always been very active athletically and you know i wasn’t able to do a lot of things that i would normally have done with her like rollerblading skiing etc we went to we recently did a cruise to the caribbean and we’re going again because we had a lot of fun and we went on in a submarine like 111 feet under the ocean it’s pretty cool saw a shipwreck he did a lot more walking that’s something i noticed immediately i’m like oh you’re walking more so you just been more active well my wife’s reaction to it has been extremely positive she’s very pleased with the difference that she sees in my physical abilities and she’s encouraging me to have additional treatments which i think i’m i’m definitely going to i don’t think i know i’m going to do it even just as a maintenance because it’s obviously stopped the advancement of the copd in my opinion like i can do more fun things with him like i can we can do more traveling together and i’m really excited i can take him to theme parks now and he won’t get exhausted after the treatment i’ve had full pulmonary inspections by my pulmonary doctor full breath tests and compared to the year before my breathing and my lung capacity has improved about 10 which i was really shocked at so were the folks at Stemedix i think the future looks great i think instead of looking at myself deteriorating over the next you know maybe eight or nine years i’m looking to get up into the 100 years age category and to still be a pain in the butt to all my friends we’re gonna make a lot more memories then besides just sitting on a couch watching golf and doing absolutely nothing now we’re traveling most likely going to travel the world just that my life has changed and it gives me a much much more positive outlook and it tells me that i’m going to be able to be at my daughter’s graduation it tells me that when the time comes i’m going to be able to walk her down the aisle um and those are those are things that were concerns of mine which now are not oh he’s just an amazing person in general i love him so much Stemedix for sure is there’s no harm in it and certainly i can attest to the fact that to me it’s been a benefit definitely you.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for COPD in Florida

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that affects millions of people worldwide. In Florida, the number of patients diagnosed with COPD has increased significantly over the years, making it a significant public health concern. While conventional treatments such as medications, oxygen therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation are available, they often fail to provide lasting relief. That’s why Regenerative Medicine Treatment has emerged as a promising alternative for COPD patients.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for COPD Patients

Regenerative Medicine Treatment has several potential benefits for COPD patients:

Reduced Inflammation: Inflammation is a significant contributor to COPD symptoms, and Regenerative Medicine Treatment has been shown to reduce inflammation in the lungs.

Improved Lung Function: By introducing new, healthy lung cells, Regenerative Medicine Treatment can improve lung function and help COPD patients breathe easier.

Reduced Dependence on Medications: By improving lung function, Regenerative Medicine Treatment may reduce the need for COPD patients to rely on medications, which can have side effects.

Minimally Invasive: Unlike surgical procedures, Regenerative Medicine Treatment is minimally invasive and does not require a long recovery time.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment in Florida

In Florida, Regenerative Medicine Treatment is available at a growing number of clinics. Patients interested in Regenerative Medicine Treatment for COPD should seek out a reputable and experienced provider who can evaluate their individual case and determine if they are a good candidate for the treatment.

In conclusion, Regenerative Medicine Treatment is a promising alternative for COPD patients who have not found relief through conventional treatments. By reducing inflammation, improving lung function, and reducing dependence on medications, Regenerative Medicine Treatment has the potential to significantly improve the lives of COPD patients in Florida. If you are a COPD patient, talk to your healthcare provider about the potential benefits of Regenerative Medicine Treatment and whether it may be right for you.


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