Jill Journey for Improvement after Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS in USA

Watch testimonial video of Jill after receiving Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS in USA at Stemedix Inc in St Petersburg Florida.

Video Transcript

So before MS i did anything i want to do i was very active worked in the heating air conditioning business i was learning the plumbing business from my husband and i was very athletic and worked a lot in sports and then i volunteered in the school district’s tutoring kids we had an active lifestyle we had 10 or 12 nieces and nest views that we spent a lot of time with a lot of family members a lot of friends and before and before she was diagnosed we could participate in all that stuff and after she was diagnosed it was like wait a minute we can’t do this no more she was so sick once i got diagnosed um basically what i was being told is that i would have to take medicine the rest of my life which at that time they were shots they just basically kept telling me that i would get worse and deteriorate and help it would complicate my life and that probably in the very end or long term that i would end up in a nursing home because there would be nothing they could do for me then she’d become like a dart board shots everywhere and they didn’t work um basically i was bedridden eyes flat on my back there was days i could not even get up because it messed with my equilibrium and stuff so if i got up i would throw up and so those days were awful i used to get jill in the car say let’s go to grocery store we get two miles from the house she’s throwing up the bag got to bring her back home then i have to go to the grocery store and i have to go do this and i have to go do this and i have to go do this she was on so many medications 10 or 12 and a lot of things were out of whack the process that worried me as we went through this disease was the fact that i had to work i had to leave her at home by herself and i i often wondered if the house gets on fire how’s she gonna get out he’s been my biggest advocate through this whole system he did all the research then i was on the net and i happened to get on the right website for stemetics at that time i was flat on my back in bed i’d been there for four months and not able to get out of bed i thought well she has absolutely nothing to lose if it works it works and if it don’t it’s just something else out there that we have to try so we we went and we did it the initial results to me were exciting and because i actually moved my feet and my toes and stuff which i had not moved in probably nine years because they’d been paralyzed so to even have sensations and feeling in my legs and my feet was kind of a new experience it certainly gave jill her life back i don’t have to go to work now and worry can she get out of the house because she’ll probably get out faster than i can well last year when i came like like you said i was gray i could not sit up in a chair i had no abilities to move my legs stand up do anything they actually had to use a lift to put me on the examination beds and in the oxygen chambers and stuff and today when i went to get my oxygen treatment um i stood up to get on the examination table to be wheeled into the oxygen chamber and the doctor and everybody just looked at me like i was crazy because i had never stood up for them before they’d never seen it and they just couldn’t believe that there was that much difference from last year to this year and and i see the glow back in her her face and her smile and and and i just see her getting better and better and better and better i guess i’ve had a really good experience with stemetics because they’ve always supported me they’ve always set everything up for me so i didn’t have to worry about setting up doctor’s appointments anything like that they have taken care of everything through their coordinators and stuff and they always follow that make sure i was doing okay if there was anything we needed um they’ve never just left us hanging they always made sure that we were taken care of when we’ve come here and made sure we needed had everything we needed to to function and get around and so it’s it’s one less worry i guess because before we’ve always had to deal with it ourselves and in the 13 months since we’ve come here for the second time her energy level’s up uh her thyroid’s clear we’re not sick anymore we’re not doing uh any kind of medicines for ms after having this treatment i guess what’s changed me um i still get frustrated some when i can’t do things i want to do but i feel better because i can actually go and do things with him i mean i could even go grocery shopping which is a simple task and now i can i can go out to dinner with him if we want to before i couldn’t do any of that and that’s been a big difference in her last mri it revealed to a new neurologist that knew nothing about the previous mris because i withheld that from him to see what he would find and he found that the lesions in her brain have healed and are no longer there i can tell the simple thing of hot and cold water when i take a shower which i never could before i’ve even had both the doctor and a physical therapist stick me with needles in my legs and feet and i can tell them where they’re sticking me which totally shocked them when she is as good as she is now she functions better she cooks she cleans the house she doesn’t need a lot of help taking showers or nothing it just makes my life a lot easier if you have another disease besides ms if you’re to the point where medicine’s not working and you’re getting frustrated and you’re getting worse like i did um oh i’d highly recommend it to anybody after getting my health back and and basically changing our lifestyle again for the third time we are going to be able to move back to tennessee where ricky can retire and we’re just going to enjoy life now and basically not take things for granted like i did before you.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS

Regenerative Medicine Treatment is a promising treatment option for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. The treatment involves the use of stem cells, which are immature cells that have the potential to develop into various cell types, to repair or replace damaged cells in the nervous system.

Advantages of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS in USA

Advantages of Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS include:

Potential to repair damaged cells: Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into various cell types, allowing them to replace damaged cells in the nervous system, which can improve symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.

Non-invasive: Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS is minimally invasive compared to other treatments such as surgery, making it a more attractive option for some patients.

Reduced side effects: Regenerative Medicine Treatment has fewer side effects compared to traditional MS treatments such as drugs that suppress the immune system, which can cause serious health problems.

Improving quality of life: By repairing damaged cells and reducing symptoms, Regenerative Medicine Treatment has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for people with MS.

Personalized treatment: Autologous Regenerative Medicine Treatment involves using a patient’s own cells, which can reduce the risk of rejection and offer a more personalized treatment option.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for MS at Stemedix Inc in St. Petersburg Florida

Stemedix Inc is a private, regenerative medicine company located in St. Petersburg, Florida that provides Regenerative Medicine Treatment for a range of conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Stemedix specializes in the use of mesenchymal stem cells, which are derived from the patient’s own bone marrow or adipose tissue, to treat MS and other autoimmune diseases.

Stemedix claims to provide state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine Treatment with a focus on safety, quality, and patient satisfaction. They offer both autologous and allogeneic Regenerative Medicine Treatment, with the choice of treatment depending on the patient’s specific needs and medical history.

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