Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear

Stem Cell Theray for Menscus Tear

Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear

Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear is an improved noninvasive method to treat any meniscus tear in the knee. In-vitro-grown mesenchymal stem cells are injected in the injured knees to repair and heal naturally.

Stem cells are injected into the body to repair the injuries caused by it. The stem cells flow within the nerves to reach the damage parts and heal them completely. In a torn meniscus, the immune system of the body transports the stem cells to reach the knees and heal it. Stem cell therapy is an effective procedure than surgery as patients heal naturally in this and recover faster. They can get back to their normal lives after 1month of the procedure.

Causes of Meniscus Tears

Meniscus tears occur when the knees are sharply twisted with the foot remained firm on the ground. This is a common injury occurred to athletes and sportsmen. However, other people can also have meniscus tears as they grow old and the meniscus tends to wear out.

Symptoms of a Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear can be of three types based on the level of severity:

Minor tear – In case of minor tears, the knees usually swells and causes pain.

Moderate tear – In case of moderate tears, the pain sources from the center of the knees those swells up. The pain can increase and become worst due to the torn meniscus.

Severe tear – In case of severe tears, pieces of meniscus sometimes move into the space of the joint causing the knee to lock and pop loudly.

Treatment of Meniscus Tears

There are two steps of a torn meniscus. Firstly the mesenchymal stem cells are collected from the patient’s bone marrow or fat tissues and in the second step are injected into the affected region. This cures and heals the ruptured knees as it gets more oxygen and improved immunity.

Bone marrow aspiration is done to collect stem cells. The hip is numbed to execute this procedure of inserting the needle to it and extract samples of bone marrow. Numbness in the hip makes it painless for the patients to go through the entire procedure.

The stem cells are sometimes grown in the laboratory and injected into the ruptured knee v to begin the meniscus regeneration process. In case of severe tears, a series of injections are pushed to repair the injury or tear.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear

The foremost benefit related to Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear is that the body gets to repair itself by its own. No external agent is pushed in the body for it to heal. The only thing it requires is the right execution of the procedure by qualified medical coordinators.

Also, this noninvasive procedure is popular due to its positive results in extreme cases of a torn meniscus. No artificial device is placed in the knee in this procedure and the knee injuries are naturally cured.

Cost of Stem Cell Treatments for a Meniscus Tear

The treatment for Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear is around $10, 000 on an average. The price depends on the experience of the medical practitioners executing the procedure, location and hospital facilities related to the recovery.

Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear costs much lower in Asian and Latin American countries as medical expenses in developing countries is way more affordable than any other places.

Importance of Choosing the Right Clinic and Treatment

Like any other medical procedure, the success of Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear depends on the qualification and experience of the doctor performing it. It is very important to research the infrastructure and facilities of the hospital offering Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear before you register for it. Apart from this, it is equally important to know about the doctor who is performing this treatment for you. Once you have well research about these two things, you are one step ahead for a successful Stem Cell Therapy for a Meniscus Tear treatment procedure.

If you are already suffering from a meniscus tear and want to know how stem cell therapy can help you, feel free to contact us and find out more.

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