Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis Treatment Overseas

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis Treatment Abroad

Knee arthritis is a type of wear-and-tear injuries and it often causes intense pain in the affected area. Stem cell treatment can be described as the blessings of modern medical discovery and perhaps the most effectual non-surgical treatment for knee arthritis. Stem cell procedure is highly successful in the prevention of pain and resulted from the knee arthritis and the best about this process is that it is not painful. Stem cell treatment is becoming popular among the patients for its multiple advantages.

Reasons for Knee Arthritis

Arthritis is a type of wear-and-tear injury and it is also a type of osteoarthritis. In general, the disease is occurred from aging and there are other risk factors too.


As a person grows older, he develops increased possibilities of wear-and-tear injury.


If you have excess weight, it means increased pressure on your knees including the joints.


Women above 50s have higher possibilities to develop osteoarthritis compared to the men.


If you have seen the tendency of osteoarthritis among your family members, you might have an increased chance to develop osteoarthritis in the future.

Repetitive Stress on Knee

Repetitive pressure on the knees can affect your cartilage and you might develop osteoarthritis in the future.


Sportsmen who play soccer, baseball, tennis have an increased chance of developing osteoarthritis. Proper exercise is essential to keep your knees and muscles healthy.


Other metabolic disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or excessive growth hormone are also reasons of knee arthritis.


The signs of knee arthritis are:

  • Swelling of the knee
  • Patients feel intense pain while doing something, but it decreases with rest
  • Decreased mobility of the knee
  • Warm feeling in the knees
  • Cracking sound during movement
  • Muscle stiffness, mostly during the morning or following long hours of inactivity


The stem cell treatment is highly effective for knee arthritis and the entire process is divided into two steps, the first step is the extraction of the cells from patients’ body and the second step is reinjection.  The cells are extracted from the bone marrow of the patients and the grown cells are again injected into the body of the patients. The process is completely painless and you have to avail this treatment again after 6 months.


  • Safe and secure process as the stem cells are being extracted from patients’ own body
  • Painless non-surgical procedure
  • Heal faster compared to other traditional healing methods
  • Affordable for everyone


The cost of stem cell treatment for knee arthritis can differ depending on different locations. You might get the treatment at a cheaper cost like $2000 and it can also range up to $20,000 in other places. There is no standard price and you should look around to get a lucrative deal on your treatment.

How to Choose the Right Clinic?

You can find hundreds of clinics across the globe, however, we recommend you to get the insights before finalizing your treatment. It would be best if you find someone, who has gone through the same procedure and you can listen to their experiences.

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