Effective Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany

Multiple sclerosis is a disease process that damages the myelin sheaths, which surround nerve cells and allow them to send signals quickly. The destruction of these protective coverings leads many people with MS having problems controlling their muscles as well as mental functions such like movement or cognitive abilities

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic-autoimmune disease that damages the myelin sheaths of nerves. This prevents signals from being sent out and received by muscles, neurons (both cognitive functions such as thinking or emotions), skin tissue etc., therefore causing many symptoms which range anywhere between mild discomfort to severe pain depending on where you live in relation with nerve damage done by these antibodies attack sites

Stem cell transplantation has been used as an alternative treatment for people who suffer from this incurable condition, utilizing stem cells harvested from various sources such as bone marrow or fat tissue in order to stimulate them into growing new healthier versions of themselves which are then transplanted back onto your body so they can help repair damage caused by MS!

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

The average cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany starts from $19,284. The final price is determined after an evaluation and reports from the laboratory.

Cost Comparison

Stem Cell for Multiple SclerosisGermany$19,284
Stem Cell for Multiple SclerosisUSA$25,000
Stem Cell for Multiple SclerosisUK$35,000


  • All hospital fees with night stay
  • Pre and post-operative consultations
  • All medical fees (doctor fees, anesthesiologist, and nursing staff)
  • Post-surgery garment


  • Hotel or recovery house
  • Preoperative lab work
  • Airfare

List of Required Pre-Op Tests:

  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Ultrasound of the brain
  • PET scans

Factors that Affect Package Price

While searching for Stem Cell Therapy in Germany, you may notice that there are many different bundle costs. This happens because of relative factors, for example

  • Patient’s clinical history
  • Age of the patient
  • The reality of the patient
  • Medical clinic
  • Experience of the specialist

When you arrive at the doctor’s office, your concerns will be addressed by specialists who can request to go ahead and take some samples from different parts or types in order to get an accurate image for what may have caused this problem.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Germany

  • Repairing the nerve impulse transmission
  • Improving the nervous system disorders
  • Improved brain cell connections
  • Improved health in general
  • Better quality of life

Top Clinics for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Germany

CBC Health

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CBC Health Clinic in Munich offers a unique opportunity for those who have been diagnosed with ischemic stroke. The clinic’s doctors are experts when it comes to treating this type of brain damage and can provide patients many benefits, including exploratory medicines that use cord blood parts as an ingredient!

German International Clinic

Stem Cell Therapy for Alzheimer in Germany

Dr. Siebenhuener, director of the German International Clinic in Frankfurt offers a inviting space for patients to heal with professionalism and care from his team that has years upon experience healing people throughout Europe both domestically or abroad. The clinic’s environment helps each person recover while offering them peace instead if anxiety during their stay which will be proceedings towards achieving prosperity again!

Questions You Should Ask Before Going for Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Therapy in Germany

There are many questions that you may have about stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. We’ve compiled 10 of the most frequently asked inquiries below, so read through before your journey abroad!

  1. Is stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis a piece of a formal clinical preliminary?
  2. What are the elective choices to treat Multiple Sclerosis and for what reason would it be advisable for me to pick stem cell therapy in Germany?
  3. What are the potential advantages would i be able to expect later the treatment?
  4. What drugs or exceptional consideration would be needed later the treatment?
  5. The stem cells will be gathered from which hotspot for the treatment?
  6. Are the stem cells separated into specific cells before therapy?
  7. Will I experience torment later the method?
  8. Would you be able to furnish me with contact subtleties of a couple past stem cells for Multiple Sclerosis patients of yours in Germany?
  9. How long will the advantages of the therapy last?
  10. How long of a recuperation period can be anticipated later the method?

How to Get There

With Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport being the nearest major international airport of Germany, it’s no surprise that this city can also be reached via another one. Munich Airport may seem more convenient as well.

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