Neurological Disease Stem Cell Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy for Nuerological Diseases in Los Algodones, Mexico Cost

Stem Cell Therapy for Nuerological Diseases in Los Algodones, Mexico

Neurological Disease Stem Cell Treatment Package in Los Algodones, Mexico

In the central nervous system, regeneration is restricted. Thus, neurological injuries are not reparable usually. However, stem cells have regenerative capacity and that is why several basic research and preclinical trials take place for testing various stem cell therapies and the best thing is that the result is promising. There are few medical centers which provides best Neurological Disease Stem Cell Treatment.

So, the possibilities of stem cell therapy providing effective treatment for neurological diseases are high. Due to the usefulness of Stem Cell Therapy for neurological diseases many patients search for these treatments. Recent research states that the transplanted stem cells can migrate to the damaged areas, and assume the functions of neurons. This raises hope that stem cell therapy may possibly treat neurological disorders like:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • other neurological ailments

Where to Get Stem Cell Treatment for Neurological Diseases?

Los Algodones has certified Stem Cell Therapy medical centers that have the world’s best experts, specialists and physicians. These medical centers have skillful staff and the latest technology to serve the patients with the best possible care. So, for the best stem cell therapy treatment for neurological diseases, you can visit Los Algodones, Mexico.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Stem Cell Treatment for Neurological Diseases?

In many cases, the same clinic charges different amounts to the patients due to the relative factors like:

  • Body Mass Index
  • Age
  • Nutrition
  • Weight
  • Extraction and processing of the cells
  • Re-administering of cells
  • Follow up and after treatment procedures
  • Facilities provided at the clinic

What Advantages you will get with Stem Cell Treatment for Neurological Diseases in Los Algodones, Mexico?

  • When entering the damaged brain, stem cells can stimulate and increase the self-healing
  • Stem cell therapy for stroke aims to restore and enhance the central nervous system’s capacity to self-heal
  • A dedicated team of Physicians and Scientists for stem cell treatment program
  • Best stem cell technology for the successful treatment of neurological disorders
  • The possibility of auto-healing through stem cell therapy includes the formation of new brain and nerve cells,  blood-brain barrier repair, and capillaries (from existing blood vessels) sprouting
  • No risk of contamination by transmissible diseases
  • Individually developed Micro-Nutritional protocols Which play an important role in the cell and tissue regeneration.
  • Avoidance of any allergic and immune reactions (own cells suit chromosomal and genetic structure)

Stem Cell Therapy for Nuerological Diseases in Los Algodones, Mexico

What is the Cost of Stem Cell Neurological Disease Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico?

Stem Cell treatment for neurological diseases costs around $6,995 approximately for a single session in Los Algodones, Mexico. However, it is recommended to get three sessions.

NoteThe cost of the treatment will be decided after physical check-up.

Treatment Package Includes:

  • Medical fees comprising doctor fees and nursing staff
  • All hospital fees with night stay
  • Stem cell injections

Treatment Package Excludes:

  • Hotel or recovery house
  • Airfare
  • Preoperative lab work

List of Lab Tests:

  • CT scan/ X-RAY
  • MRI exams
  • EEG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Blood test

How to Reach Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones is 1,172 km from Los Cabos Airport (Los Cabos, Mexico). One can avail flights to Los Cabos Airport to reach Los Algodones.

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