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Victor Regenerative Medicine Center in NewYork USA

Get Regenerative Medicine at Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers in New York, USA 

Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers are located in New York, USA. Dr. Victor and his qualified team provide cost-effective Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, Botox, Laser Liposuction and more to local and international patients. Dr. Victor is also a founder and chairman of New Direction Biosciences, Inc., a leader in regenerative medicine. He has also opened up his Regenerative Medicine Center in Dubai UAE. 

Dr. Victor’s centers use patient’s regenerative cells and growth to produce quality treatment and help patients cope with various diseases easily. He follows infection control recommendations by the American Medical Association and Quad A office-based surgery association, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

Dr. Victor specializes in Regenerative Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation. The medical team at Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers continues to offer personalized digital health and wellness services with regenerative medicine therapies. 

  • Clinic Name: Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers 
  • Procedure: Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, Botox, Laser Liposuction 
  • Location: New York, USA 
  • Doctor: Dr. Steven Victor 

Advantages of Selecting Dr. Steven Victor Centers in New York for Regenerative Medicine 

Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers are easily accessible to patients worldwide. They are located in New York City and Dubai and boast the following benefits: 

  • Accredited medical centers 
  • Experienced and English-speaking medical team 
  • Top-notch facilities and advanced equipment  
  • High-quality medical care at international standards 
  • Cost-efficient Regenerative Medicine treatment 

List of Regenerative Medicine Procedures at Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers in New York and Dubai 

Dr. Victor Regenerative Medicine clinic in New York City and Dubai provides the following Regenerative Medicine treatments 

  • Anti-Aging  
  • Laser Liposuction 
  • Botox 
  • Filler Injections 
  • Acne Treatment 
  • Hair Transplantation 

Cost of Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine in New York at Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers 

The cost of Regenerative Medicine for anti-aging in New York is affordable for patients worldwide. You will receive top-quality treatment performed by highly skilled Regenerative Medicine doctors at Dr. Victor’s clinic. For the latest Regenerative Medicine treatment prices in New York, contact our Customer Care Team. 

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Best Doctor in New York for Regenerative Treatment at Victor Centers  

Dr. Steven Victor is a board-certified Regenerative Medicine specialist who performs science-based regenerative therapy for anti-aging and facial rejuvenation in both men and women. He is among the best doctors for regenerative therapy in the United States.  

Dr. Victor has his private clinic in New York and in Dubai at the Emirates Hospital Jumeirah. Here are other credentials Dr. Victor boasts: 

Doctor Name: Dr. Steven Victor 

Education and Experience: 

  • Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University School of Arts and Sciences, 
  • Medical degree from New York Medical College in Valhalla 
  • Training with an Internship in Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center 
  • Went on to a Residency in Dermatology at New York Medical College 
  • One of the world leaders in Cellular Therapy for aesthetics and diseases of unmet clinical needs such as Autism, Diabetes, Orthopedic injuries, Stroke, and others. 


  • Board Certified in Regenerative Medicine
  • Fellow of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and Skin Cancer Foundation 
  • A member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery 
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 
  • The American Medical Association 
  • Society of Investigative Dermatology 
  • AABRM, The American Academy of Regenerative Medicine 

Book a Consultation for Regenerative Medicine in New York, USA at Dr. Victor Clinic! 

You can begin your consultation for Regenerative Medicine in New York or Dubai at Victor Regenerative Medicine Centers by contacting our Customer Care team for more information. 

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