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Institute for Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Therapy in AustriaInstitute for Regenerative Medicine

Institute for Regenerative Medicine is upheld by the Austrian Society for Regenerative Medicine. Our specialists are teachers in worldwide famous colleges that add to the information space inside the accompanying regions:

  • Uncommon bone digestion sicknesses
  • Cell metabolic cycles in vascular sicknesses
  • Essential exploration with respect to transplantation of cell societies for clinical applications.
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Treatment and procedure at Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Our Treatment and Procedures

Our administrations have being supported, ensured and perceived by government foundations as compelling treatments. We are the essential private center in Austria to supply these administrations as standard consideration of treatment without the need of enlistment during a clinical test.


  • Arthritis / degenerative joint disease
  • Osteochondral defect
  • Osteoporosis
  • (delayed) Fracture healing
  • long bony defects


  •  Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Stroke
  • ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  (Lou Gehring`s disease)

Internal Medicine:

  • Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease (PAOD)
  • Wound healing (Chronic Ulcers)

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is one among the best clinical advances of the 21st century. Additionally called physical cell medicine, it utilizes the body’s own dynamic fixings to restore harmed tissue. for example , because of this field of information numerous patients that where claimed to have a prosthesis in light of joint sickness will not more needed one, likewise as numerous patients after the regenrative therapies are prepared to lessen or stop the use of medicines.

Where are my stem cells acquire from?

Treatment at IRM

We use patients’own cells got from the fat or bone marrow. The cells are regularly effectively acquired under nearby sedation or sedation from the fat tissue or the bone of the patient. In addition, We are worked in choosing the appropriate sort and measure of cells concurring each case to have the easiest result conceivable.

How are my stem cells handle?

After extraction the cells are prepared our protected mark of-care strategy that satisfies the needs of the Medical Devices Act and current guidelines. In addition With this shut technique none of the foundational microorganisms are controlled or altered through added substances like development factors or chemicals, doing as such we keep away from hazardous changes inside the cells that would imperil the security of our patients.

When will I repurchase my stem cells back?

Treatment at IRM

Because of new advances it’s feasible to get and return the undeveloped cells concentrate inside a similar meeting. the entire interaction happens during a n OR in a sterile climate utilizing a shut framework. Following our severe protected interaction prospects of defilement are insignificant and therefore the most elevated cleanliness guidelines are satisfy.

Are the stem cells of fat and bone marrow unique?

The foundational microorganisms coming from fat are  have a high extent of MSCs (Mesenchymal undifferentiated organisms). These cells are proficient to revamp themselves into any tissue including ligament or bone. Therefore this is regularly the strategy of decision for a few joint illnesses.

In any case, in different sicknesses like vascular infection, wound administration or paraplegia the cells reap from bone marrow has all the more generally contemplate and in outcome they need the higher logical support.

How protected is that the technique?

Our most noteworthy concern is your security and therefore the assurance of the easiest consideration workable for you predictable with the freshest logical discoveries. Therefore, steady with our own insight, the sole for what reason to guarantee the most straightforward and safeguards treatment is to direct the medicines during an exceptionally particular focus . In addition, Our cycle is to demonstrate worldwide since a couple of years inside the document of regenerative medicine, an obvious truth is that our strategy is introduce in various logical distributions and commitments in global logical congresses.

Is the method authoritatively supports?

Indeed. We are completely ensure by the well being service in light of the fact that the main office in Austria permitts to utilize this method outside clinical preliminaries. This is frequently just conceivable in light of the fact that we are prepare to offer clinical benefits with an image of viability full inclination all the govt necessities. Moreover, in our middle there will be just experts working for you and your well being.

Qualified Doctors at Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Institute for Regenerative Medicine Qualified Doctors Team

Georg Kobinia MD

Georg Kobinia MD Doctor at IRM

Surgery and Vascular Surgery, President of the Austrian Society for Regenerative Medicine. Graz, Vienn

Christof Pabinger MD

Christof Pabinger MD doctor at IRM

Orthopedics, Graz and Innsbruck Medical University.

Phillipp Heuberer MD, Orthopedics, HealthPI and Barmherzige Brüder Vienna, Austria.

Michael Matzner MD, Orthopedics, Vienna Private Clinic and University Hospital Vienna, Austria.

In IRM, we offer selective types of assistance through exceptionally particular clinical specialists with long periods of involvement with their field. on account of the wide preparing of each master and therefore the interdisciplinary collaboration, we are prepare to furnish you with the least complex treatment conceivable inside the area of regenerative medicine and old style medicine. We comprehence the limitations and cutoff points of both. Anyway we are prepare to offer a particular help inside the ecu Union during which physical cell train and traditional careful medicine are cooperating for each situation. As oppose to what different administrations offer during which they will give either regenerative treatments or careful treatments however not both together.

Our doctors have a colossal encounter that has very 45,000 fulfilled patients:

  • 6000 open heart operations
  • 3000 operations on vessels
  • 3000 operations on joints
  • 1000 operations on the spine
  • 30,000 minimally invasive and conservative treatments

We have additionally added to the worldwide information space through a few and cooperation in congresses had practical experience in Regenerative medicine, wellbeing and inward control during and after medical procedure.

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) is that the primary Austrian office to be authorize under the new tissue well being enactment. Accordingly, we are dependent upon the strictest conceivable control by the clinical administrative specialists demonstrating that our treatments are fruitful.

Why Choose us?

We have very 20 years of involvement treating patients round the world including top notch first class competitors. Therefore, furthermore to our clinical aptitude we’ve likewise an elegant of movement and convenience administrations.

VIP Service:

  • Move from the air terminal to a lodging through Ambulance or TESLA
  • All vital fundamental clinical assessments
  • Every single clinical intercession (Stem cell transplantation, PRP, …)
  • Aftercare/helpful proposal
  • Span (1-3 Tage)


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