Dr.Siegfried Block Stem Cell Therapy in Lenggries, Germany

Stem Cell Therapy in Germany

Dr.Siegfried Block Stem Cell Therapy in Lenggries, Germany

Dr. Siegfried Block is a clinic that has more than 60 years of experience in stem cell therapy located in Lenngries, Germany.  Almost six decades of operating and using the latest modern equipment in their labs is the guarantor of efficiency and quality in stem cell treatment.

Main team members are descendants of the famous Dr.Siegfried block who was one of the first to apply stem cell transfer in treatment of many medical issues. Being highly educated and specialized in Germany and the USA with years of experience they guarantee the success of stem cell therapy. They continue to keep glory of their father/grandfather and further specialize and modernize in this field of medicine.

Stem Cells for treatment at this facility are harvested from hardy race of sheep that are owned by the clinic and are kept in high mountain areas. In order to assure clean and high-quality cells sheep are held in high mountains in order to avoid the negative influence of environment and pollution.

Why choose this clinic?

  • safe and highly successful techniques, almost 80 years of experience,
  • almost 80 years of experience
  • very healthy and reliable source of cells from sheep that live on high mountains.
  • Patient is priority for this clinic.

This institute finds a solution with stem cell therapy in many problems and offers the most modern equipment in its clinic and laboratory. The laboratory is equipped in accordance with the latest international standards.

Moreover, the facility possesses 700 sheep in the herd and are examined by Bavarian Animal Health Service and the University of Giessen, Germany.


​Stem Cell Therapy is applied for:

  • Functional blood supply disorders and for general vitalization of the system
  • Weak connective tissue and immunodeficiency, withered skin
  • Climacteric complaints, menstrual disorders, general revitalization
  • Sclerosis of the cerebral vessels, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, functional disorders of the blood supply to the brain and headaches resulting from these
  • Functional cardiac and cardiovascular disorders, particularly when caused by arteriosclerosis
  • Growth disturbances, immunodeficiency, susceptibility to infection and to strengthen the body´s own defense mechanism

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