Effectiveness of Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

Effectiveness of Placenta Stem Cell Therapy 

Placenta is one of the most important organs that help newborn to develop inside mother’s womb. The sac protects the fetus and provides it a liquid-filled home. Placenta helps women during pregnancy by protecting and nourishing their vital organs such as liver, kidneys, and lungs along with immune and digestive systems.

Technological development in the healthcare sector has helped researchers to discover rare and important multipotent stem cells within placenta tissues. Such cells can be used to treat diseases like stroke, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, auto-immune disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

Researchers find placenta stem cells effective and morally acceptable, as there is no need to apply it on newborn babies after birth. One of the most important factors about placenta stem cell therapy is that they are not harmful to the mother, fetus or embryos. The placenta cells are developed following the delivery of a newborn through the process of cesarean section. This prevents the placenta from getting contamination from a traditional delivery of a newborn.

Placenta Stem Cells Therapy and its Application

Placenta stem cells therapy is a condition-based treatment, where an expert reviews and evaluates the condition of the patient first. In this process, doctors thoroughly check patient’s medical records before making a decision about where to apply the stem cells.

Making the decision about where to apply the stem cells is quite vital, as the process will be applied to put a great impact on the patient’s condition and to bring out the best possible results. Once the doctors point out the administration sites, they apply local anesthesia at the concerned site.

Patients often find the process painless, as the effect of anesthesia makes the implant site senseless. In order to place the stem cells implants, physicians make small incisions. Physicians then place the tissue within the incision before close it with a suture. The effect of placenta stem cells treatment can be noticed within 2 days. However, it takes the body to absorb the placenta tissue nearly six months to a full year.

Physicians often decide to apply stem cell injections in multiple locations on the patient’s body. This helps them to bring out positive results from the treatment.

Advantages of Receiving Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

Receiving placenta stem cells treatment can be highly beneficial for patients suffering from multiple ailments and have not got fruitful solutions from other treatment plans. Placenta stem cell therapy an effective and painless treatment and it can provide solutions for a number of medical issues.

Debates over the use of stem cells have always been there, but physicians and ethicists have agreed to accept the effectiveness of placental stem cells therapy, as the newborn does not need this treatment and experts discard it following the delivery.  Stem cells generate new cells for the body to address many health issues.

Cost of Placenta Stem Cell Therapies

The authorities in the United States have not approved the stem cell therapy yet. Thus, individuals seeking stem cell therapy to address multiple health issues should venture outside the U.S. However, if the authorities in the United States recommend and approve the procedure, it may cost nearly $25,000-$30,000. In China, the cost may surge to nearly $40,000, while in India; it may cost approximately $25,000.

However, in Mexico, the cost of placenta stem cell treatment is quite competitive. People seeking stem cell therapy outside the United States should prefer medical tourism. This option may include the expense of travel and additional medical factors, but the overall cost of stem cell remains lower than the costs in developed countries.

Choosing Specialists for Stem Cell Treatments

A number of healthcare centers across the world provide stem cell therapy. However, the treatment should be received from certified and experienced physicians who are accustomed to providing placenta cell treatments.

Never forget to check and ascertain if the specialists or physicians are certified, trained and experienced in this therapy. In addition, the healthcare center offering placenta stem cell therapy treatment should come with advanced state-of-art facilities and have experienced and educated staff.

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