Stem Cell Therapy in China

Stem Cell Treatment in China- Destination Overview

China is an impressive country, with a bunch of diverse and vast tourist attractions, culture, interesting cuisine, fascinating traditions and marvelous cities. In China, tourists can see the highest mountains in the world, some of the largest desserts worldwide, endless grasslands, pristine jungles and imposing cities; all of these are brought together to form an ideal touristic destination. Medical tourism in China is constantly increasing. Low prices, the latest technology and, the famous Chinese Traditional Medicine make it appealing in international travellers’ eyes.

Apart from China’s tourist-friendly attractions, the country is also a major hub for stem cell treatments. The best of stem cell research centers and medical experts are working towards top-notch alternative treatment possibilities with stem cell therapy.

Besides top notch hospitals and affordable costs, China also provides state-of-the-art medical services, highly experienced physicians who are trained in the West (US or Europe), as well as high standards of healthcare technology.
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Who is Travelling to China for Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy and research are permitted in China, but patients should only look for certified clinics, that are accredited by the country’s Health Ministry.

Who is Travelling to Australia for Stem Cell Therapy?

China is chosen by a lot of medical tourists from all over the world for its cutting edge stem cell therapies. Moreover, the price of these treatments is considerably lower in China than in many other countries. Most of the patients who travel to China for stem cell therapy are from Europe, the US and Canada.

What is the Cost for Stem Cell Therapy in China?

The cost of the stem cell therapy packages in China is based on various factors like the patient’s health status, the condition being treated, the treatment package’s inclusions, etc. Usually, a stem cell therapy package in China costs between $23,000 and $39,000 approximately.

Examples of Centers and Stem Cell Treatment Packages in China

Stem Cell Treatment Packages:

Stem Cell Center in China:

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