Am I Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy

Are you considering stem cell therapy but unsure if you qualify? We’re here to help! Take our brief survey to assess your eligibility and learn more about your potential candidacy for stem cell therapy. Your answers will provide valuable insights to guide you in making informed decisions about your health journey. Take the first step towards exploring the possibilities of stem cell therapy by filling out our survey now!

Am I Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy
1. Are you seeking treatment for a medical condition or ailment?
2. Have you explored traditional treatment options for your condition?
3. Are you aware of what stem cell therapy entails and how it works?
4. Have you discussed the possibility of stem cell therapy with your primary healthcare provider or specialist?
5. Do you have any underlying medical conditions that might impact your eligibility for stem cell therapy (e.g., autoimmune disorders, cancer)?
6. Are you currently taking any medications?
7. Have you undergone any surgeries or medical procedures related to your condition in the past?
8. Are you open to the potential risks and uncertainties associated with stem cell therapy, including the possibility of limited efficacy or adverse effects?
9. Do you understand that stem cell therapy is still considered an emerging treatment and may not be covered by insurance?
10. Are you willing and able to commit to the follow-up care and monitoring that may be required after undergoing stem cell therapy?

Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals who answered “Yes” to questions 1, 3, 4, and 8 are potentially eligible for stem cell therapy.