Why Choose Stem Cell Treatment in Germany?

stem cell treatments3

stem cell treatments3Stem cells are making the topic of an increasing volume of medical research, publications and conferences, which showcase new and innovative possible uses or improvements of stem cell therapy Germany. It’s a fact: Germany has a flawless healthcare system, highly qualified doctors and a lot of research centers that use the newest methods and technologies. Also, the prices are lower compared to many other countries.

Stem cells are cells with an extraordinary ability to transform into a variety of differentiated cells (nerve cells, liver cells etc.), allowing the patient’s body to renew and rebuild tissues damaged or destroyed. When a stem cell divides, all the cells can become stem cells or a different type of cell, specialized cells (liver cells, nerve cells, epithelial cells, muscle cells etc.)

Stem cells are distinguished from other types of cells by two major important features: They are unspecialized cells that can multiply through cell division after a long period of conservation and can transform and grow under controlled conditions, so as to form tissues.

They fall into two categories: embryonic and adult.

  • Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) could divide into any type of cell / tissue (totipotent) and can be obtained from embryonic tissue.
  • Adult stem cells have a more limited capacity to differentiate (pluripotent, multipotent) and can divide into cells that will form various tissues (liver tissue, blood cells, nerve tissue, bone tissue etc.).

The stem cell therapy Germany is used in the case of several conditions, such as: hematologic disorders, autoimmune disorders, liver diseases, metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological conditions.

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