Stem Cell Joints India – Regenerative Medicine in Chennai India

Stem Cell Joints India - Regnerative Medicine in Chennai India

Get Stem Cell Treatment in Chennai India at Stem Cell Joints India

Stem Cell Joints India in Chennai provides a full range of stem cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedures, which can treat common degenerative conditions of the knee, shoulder, hip, fracture non unions and soft tissue injuries.

Regenerative treatment utilizes cells drawn from the bone marrow, while the PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedures use the patient’s peripheral blood drawn from a vein. In order to give a complete biological solution, stem cell treatments can be combined with joint preservation procedures. PRP injections can heal sports injuries and allow the patient return to practicing physical activity in a timely manner. Hip replacement can be avoided and bone death can be arrested and cured. In young patients, cartilage lesions can be healed with one single cartilage repair. Also, stem cells can be effective in knee osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell Joints India medical team offers the biological treatments that are affordable and carry very little risk, as the patient’s own cells and tissues are used. The PRP and stem cells for joints allow the patient continue with the functional use of the natural joints. Also, all procedures are done under guidance and are minimally invasive. The patient doesn’t have to spend the night at the hospital and there is no long recovery afterwards.

Benefits of Choosing Stem Cell Joints India in Chennai, India for Regenerative Treatment

Below are the benefits of selecting Stem Cell Joints India in Chennai:

  • Safe and effective treatments
  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • Highly experienced stem cell doctors
  • Modern facilities
  • Relaxing recovery in a peaceful ambient

Stem Cell Treatment Cost in Chennai India at Stem Cell Joints India

Patients worldwide choose Stem Cell Therapy in Chennai at Stem Cell Joints India center to save money on expensive treatment back home. You will find affordable Regenerative Medicine treatments for your specific condition in Chennai top-rated center. For the latest prices at Stem Cell Joints India, contact our Customer Care Team.

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List of Medical Treatments at Stem Cell Joints India clinic in Chennai, India:

The treatments offered by this stem cell clinic is following:

  • Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
  • Stem cell hip treatment (avascular necrosis of the hip, osteoarthritis)
  • Stem cell knee treatment (cartilage loss, ACL repair, early OA, meniscus)
  • Stem cell shoulder treatment (rotator cuff and labral tears, OA)
  • Stem cell foot and ankle treatment (sprained ligaments, cartilage and arthritis)
  • PRP procedures
  • Joint preservation

Best Stem Cell Doctors in Chennai, India at Stem Cell Joints India

Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam is a UK board certified orthopedic surgeon who, in 2004 and 2005, pioneered the very first generation of stem cell procedures for knee in Chennai. He is an international cartilage repair society member and has done multiple stem cell and PRP procedures for knees, hips and shoulders. He has an ongoing training for cartilage repair and regeneration and repair in the US.

  • Doctor Name: Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam is leading the first OrthoBiologicals departament in Chennai (at Guest hospital). He is the only one performing these procedures in India.
  • Doctor Name: Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam FRCS, M.Ch Orth, DNB Orth, MS Orth is specialized in performing the wide range of joint treatments: stem cells, joint preservation and joint replacements. These procedures are available as an alternative to the riskier traditional joint replacements.

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