ProVida Stem Cell Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico

provida Stem cell clinic

provida Stem cell clinic

ProVida Stem Cell Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico

ProVida Clinic is a private significant level health association that offers stem cell and regenerative medication.

We have created vital therapies whit Brand new gear and the most progressive clinical innovation. Our clinical group is exceptionally ready to give an excellent encounter dependent on demonstrable skill and genuineness reasonable for everybody.

“Personal satisfaction for everybody”

Our central goal is to share however much health as could reasonably be expect, help whatever number patients as could reasonably be expect to recuperate their way of life.

ProVida Clinic has an association with the greatest Stem Cell Laboratory all around Latin America whit over 16 years of involvement and pioneers on regenerative medication advancement.

We need to be perceive universally for having the greatest help, and demonstrable skill through high treatment results, show up we are a human-controll, moral and expert organization.

Why ProVida Stem Cell Clinic?

ProVida Clinic comprehends and totally identifies with each quiet condition and assist them with improving and have a superior way of life. That is the reason ProVida Clinic has fostered the most developed stem cell therapies, with the most recent innovation in medication, a refreshed and expert clinical group. ProVida Clinic offers the best estimating available, our evaluating is open for everybody, offering an excellent help and polished skill, setting new principles in the entirety of their medicines.

Moreover, ProVida has the advantage and association with the greatest Stem Cell Laboratory generally Latin-American.

ProVida has a nutraceutical biotechnology lab made with the most elevate innovation that was grown uniquely to improve and foster the entirety of our medicines. Our research center is exceptional on the lookout.

As a health establishment, we are incorporate into one of only a handful of exceptional medical clinics in Mexico, which has the most refresh global accreditation by the General Health Council.

Why Stem cell Treatment?

The stem cell treatment consists of using the renewal ability that Stem Cells have to identify the damaged tissue or organ and regenerate it.

The benefits that Stem Cell Therapy offers us are many, as they are cells with a greater ability of regeneration and renovation, and which have a longer average of life expectancy. There does not exist the problem of incompatibility as Adult Human Stem Cells do not recognize the rest of the tissues as foreign, for that reason they do not cause rejection. These cells allow us to multiply them (cell expansion) to get millions and billions.

The dose of Adult Stem Cells is applied intravenously, intra-arterially, intrathecally or intralesional. The most common is intravenous, it does not require the patient to be hospitalized as it takes between 5 to 60 minutes approximately. The duration of Cell Therapy and the number of applications vary depending on the sickness and the progress of the patient in the undergoing treatment.

Stem Cells have a regenerative ability, they can restore the functionality of the tissues and organs, the grade of regeneration and improvement depend on each patient individually. Sometimes, this can mean a significant improvement. In general, it is documente that improvements range from 30% to 90%.

Our Stem Cell Therapy treatments are personalize and depending on the need of each patient are accompanied by complementary therapies, these complementary therapies not only create a suitable environment to find the cells in the patient’s body but also generate the effect of wellbeing a lot earlier than if only they were treated with Stem Cell Therapy alone. Hyperbaric Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Integral Diabetes Treatment.

provida Clinic Medical Team

Medical Team at ProVida Stem Cell Clinic

  • Dr. José Medina Flores – President and Founder of the Provida Clinic Medical Corporation and CryoVida Human Stem Cell Bank
  • Lic. Alejandra Romo Camacho – Co-founder of the Provida Clinic Medical Corporation and CryoVida Human Stem Cell Bank
  • Dr. Suye Suenaga SánchezProvida Clinic´s Medical Director Cryovida Stem Cell Bank´s Medical Director. Use and treatment stem cell certified
  • Dr. María Almendra Álvarez Bobadilla – Surgeon and obstetric graduated from the University of Guadalajara, Qualification for academic excellence. Use and treatment stem cell certified
  • Dr. Hipólito Santana De la Cruz Medical Surgeon graduated from Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), Use and treatment stem cell certified
  • Lic. César Octavio AcostaSpecialist in comprehensive sports rehabilitation, physical preparation and sports training, Use and treatment stem cell certified
  • Dr. Arick BarbaSurgeon graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG),Use and treatment stem cell certified and Aesthetic Medicine Specialist.
  • Dr. Lizbeth AguirreSurgeon graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG),Use and treatment stem cell certified, ultrasonography specialist and Aesthetic Medicine Specialist.

Howard Rogers Talk about his experience at ProVida Clinic for Knee Stem Cell Treatment!

Testimonio Howard Rogers

Why Mexico for Stem Cell Therapy?

Mexico is a nation flourishing with a novel culture and history. As the country in Latin America with the most noteworthy measure of the travel industry. Mexico offers an assortment of freedoms to investigate its antiquated chronicled milestones or enjoy one of its numerous exceptional retreats directly on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean.

Here are a couple of the many reasons you should design your next get-away to Mexico.

1. Moderateness

One American dollar is identical to almost 20 Mexican pesos, and even at that transformation rate. You actually haggle with the sellers in the business sectors for their products. What’s more, a large portion of the attractions in Mexico are free for guests, which is great in case you’re on a careful spending plan

2. Food

Whats extraordinary about Mexico’s cooking is that it fluctuates by locale. Most dishes are a blend of the antiquated Aztec and Mayan dishes and the impact of the Spanish conquerors.

While we serve a portion of the more globally perceived dishes, similar to tamales, tacos and quesadillas. They additionally have an assortment of dishes not found elsewhere.

Northern Mexico offers assortments of hamburger, goat and most exceptionally ostrich dishes. Focal Mexico is a blend of the impact of different districts of Mexico, offering horde carnitas, tamales, and barbacoa.

However in Southeastern Mexico, they are known for their shifted utilization of flavors, with a little Caribbean impact. There is additionally a wide utilization of fish in regions close to the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean.

Did you realize Mexico is likewise home to the making of chocolate? Tracing all the way back to 1100 BC, the Aztecs were known to utilize cocoa in their beverages. A few merchants actually offer valid Aztec chocolate in the business sectors.

3. Correspondence

While most of Mexican residents communicate in Spanish, they all have differing levels of information in communicating in English. This makes it simple for some sightseers, the greater part of whom visit from the United States and Canada, to speak with local people to get bearings or request help.

It additionally makes giggling and messing with the nearby kids paramount.

You can arrange simpler when purchasing your merchandise since you can chat to and fro with the sellers.

The greater part of the Mexican public are additionally amicable to sightseers. They comprehend that travel industry assists with boosting the Mexican economy. At the point when vacationers are glad and making a trip to Mexico everybody benefits.

4. Climate

Any individual who has visited Mexico will fight that the climate is practically wonderful all year. Close to the furthest limit of their stormy season, around the start of Fall, temperatures are cool and all the vegetation is at its greenest and generally dynamic.

In the southern areas of Mexico, the temperature stays somewhere in the range of 24 and 28 °C (or 75.2 and 82.4 °F) all year. Making an optimal temperature to go out climbing through the rough scene and investigating the antiquated Mayan ruins.

5. The travel industry

Mexico is a really assorted nation and has everything from delightful sea shores, energetic nightlife to a rich social scene. In case you are contemplating making Mexico your next movement objective however don’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store we will show some most noteworthy close to spots to go:

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