ProVida Stem Cell Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico

Stem Cell Clinic in Mexico

ProVida Stem Cell Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico

ProVida Clinic is a private high-level health organization that offers stem cell and regenerative medicine. The center has developed integral treatments with Brand new equipment and the most advanced medical technology. The medical team is highly prepared to provide an excellent experience based on professionalism and honesty affordable for everyone.

Why ProVida Clinic?

ProVida Clinic understands and completely empathizes with every patient’s condition and helps them to improve and have a better lifestyle. That is why ProVida Clinic has developed the most advanced stem cell treatments, with the latest technology in medicine, an updated and professional medical team. ProVida Clinic offers the best pricing on the market, our pricing is accessible for everyone, offering a high-quality service and professionalism, setting new standards in all their treatments.

In addition, ProVida has the privilege and partnership with the biggest Stem Cell Laboratory all around Latin-American. ProVida has a nutraceutical biotechnology laboratory created with the highest technology that was developed only to improve and develop all of our treatments. Our laboratory is unique in the market. As a health institution, we are integrated into one of the few hospitals in Mexico, which has the most updated international certification by the General Health Council.

“Quality of Life for Everyone”

Our mission is to share as much health as possible, help as many patients as possible to recover their lifestyle. ProVida Clinic has a partnership with the biggest Stem Cell Laboratory all around Latin America whit more than 16 years of experience and pioneers on regenerative medicine development.

We want to be recognized internationally for having the highest quality service, and professionalism through high treatment results, show up we are a human-powered, ethical and professional company.

Why Stem cell Treatment?

The stem cell treatment consists of using the renewal ability that Stem Cells have to identify the damaged tissue or organ and regenerate it.

The benefits that Stem Cell Therapy offers us are many, as they are cells with a greater ability of regeneration and renovation, and which have a longer average of life expectancy.  There does not exist the problem of incompatibility as Adult Human Stem Cells do not recognize the rest of the tissues as foreign, for that reason they do not cause rejection.  These cells allow us to multiply them (cell expansion) to get millions and billions.

The dose of Adult Stem Cells is applied intravenously, intra-arterially, intrathecally or intralesional.  The most common is intravenous, it does not require the patient to be hospitalized as it takes between 5 to 60 minutes approximately.  The duration of Cell Therapy and the number of applications vary depending on the sickness and the progress of the patient in the undergoing treatment.

Stem Cells have a regenerative ability, they can restore the functionality of the tissues and organs, the grade of regeneration and improvement depend on each patient individually.  Sometimes, this can mean a significant improvement. In general, it has been documented that improvements range from 30% to 90%.

Our Stem Cell Therapy treatments are personalized and depending on the need of each patient are accompanied by complementary therapies, these complementary therapies not only create a suitable environment to find the cells in the patient’s body but also generate the effect of wellbeing a lot earlier than if only they were treated with Stem Cell Therapy alone. Complementary therapies at ProVida includes:

  • Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Integral Diabetes Treatment

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