Best Stem Cell Solution at GARM Clinic in Roatan, Caribbean Islands

Stem Cell Treatment in Caribbean Islands

Best Stem Cell Solution at GARM Clinic in Roatan, Caribbean Islands

Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM Clinic) is a stem cell treatment provider operating in Roatan, Caribbean Islands. Top-class surgeons, experts, and reputed physicians in the field of stem cell with the best regenerative medicine treatment protocols operate the clinic.

It provides quality treatment for both acute injuries and chronic diseases. GARM enjoys a synergic relationship with Hospital Cemesa, Hospital Cemesa Roatan, and that acts as technological advancement in the sector of regenerative medicine. Services include private facilities to the patients, treatment by well-reputed surgeons and physicians, comprehensive and ethical research along with the highest quality medical care to the people.

GARM offers integrated medical treatments like:

  • Bio-cellular medicine treatments
  • Adult autologous stem cells
  • General medical care
  • Immunomodulating bio-enzyme systems
  • Advanced ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
  • Basic diagnostic tests
  • Integrative medicine services
  • Non-invasive regenerative procedures
  • Nutrition counseling along with customized plans and wellness services to the patients

It is a worldwide name today due to its world-class treatment facilities, advanced laboratory and superior treatment facility for the patients looking for stem cell medical tourism with best amenities of a resort for better healing.

Treatments and Procedures

  • Acute injuries/sports medicine
  • Spine/orthopedics
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Aesthetic applications
  • Pain management applications

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